Friday, November 2, 2007

I've Got No Time

OMG!!! I Can't believe how busy I am. I seriously have no time at all. Over the past what 2 months there have been like a zillion things I've wanted to blog about but I never seem to find the time. So right now I have exactly 10 mins to blog, well make that 9, so lets see what all I can get down before times up.

October 8th was Ryan and mine 2 year wedding anniversary. It was 90 degrees outside. The day we got married it was in the mid 50's if I remember right and it was kind of misting out. So to celebrate 2 years we had in mind at first to enjoy the "fallness" well that was the thought about 2 months before our anniversary. That the leaves would all be pretty colors and we could take a walk outside. Maybe go to a winery in Michigan. Take a hay ride sip wine and relax. But no, it was 90 outside and the leaves hadn't changed yet. Major bummer :O( So instead we went to a corn maze in Michigan and had a blast!! This is also where Ryan got his new nick name "Goat Face" ( I post a pic later. ) After we did that we had a nice dinner and came home watched a movie and "relaxed".

What else...... man its hard to think when you are in a time crunch.......

Well I can tell you that I really love my job at the museum. Its sooooo much fun and the people are GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!

I learned how to knit.. not well.. but its a start.

OMG!!! I can not think. Ok well I'm just going to call this quits for now I have like 5 mins left on my timer but the pressure is making me draw a blank. I'll try again later.