Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Happy For Them

My sister Mary has decided to get married this year. Well I guess they had decided to get married August 2nd 2008, then the wedding was postponed till June 2009, I think. But over the weekend she and Erik talk about and decided that they didn't want to wait till next year, that June 09 just didn't feel right, that they love each other, always have and always will and that they want to get married this year. I am sooo happy for them. They are really starting to work as a married couple they made the decision they wanted, that was the best for them and they are the most happy with. Choices that a couple makes are solely that of the man and woman and this is the decision they made, its want that want and I couldn't be happier for them.

I have known Erik for 5 yrs now and I have known Mary all my life, and to see them now after being together 5yrs and seeing how much they have grown, seeing how they care for each other, how they are best friends, seeing how much they love each other, all I can put in to words is I am sooooo happy for them. I love them both, wish them only the best, and I know they will have the most beautiful wedding, he will be the most hansom groom and she will be the most beautiful bride EVER!!! Congrats to the both of them, and now its time to PLAN THE WEDDING!!!!!

P.S. sitting here thinking about the two of them I remember the first time I met Erik, he was soooo shy, hardly talked and when he did he was sooooo quite and now well lets just say he fits in the family perfectly and he is no longer shy and quite, but loud and he definitely can hold his own. 5yrs ago when I met him he seemed like boy and now he is my sisters man. HEHEHEHEH soooo happy and giddy for them.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


O.k so I am not exactly mad but I am definitely not jumping for joy. Because of the cold weather they still have not dug our basement yet. I got an e-mail from Tony, our construction manager, telling me that the ground is still to frozen, and that they have tried a few times now but the digging machine just can't break through the ground. Grrrrrr, its just very frustrating. Now that we know we are going to have a house we are getting a little impatient. I've been out there a few times and you can tell that they have started to dig, but it looks like they just can't get past the top couple of layers of ground. With it being so cold the frost penetrated much deeper into the ground then they thought. I guess the most frustrating part is that this just pushes everything back. As it is at first the house was going to be done late May, then they told us early June, then mid June, if this stupid weather keeps up the house won't be don't till July!! On one hand I feel like I shouldn't be upset, I mean at least we will have a house, a house that is built for us, and not many people have that, and I feel very blessed and I am grateful to be able to have this house, but on the other hand we have wanted a house for 2yrs now, our apartment is sooooo full we can't put one more thing in here, I hate my kitchen, I can't wait to start packing, and this is the next step in our lives and I feel like it is just being put on hold again. I'm good at being patient, I really am, but right now I am feeling frustrated which makes me feel like I am being ungrateful. So its time to take a deep breath and go back to being patient. I am very grateful for having an Awesome husband, the greatest little meow faces ever, the apartment I live in and the house we will have. And someday we will have it, even if it takes a little longer than planned. Looking on the bright side we are able to save more money this way. ** I feel better now :O) **

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Bestest Days Ever Miss Mary

These past few days my sister Mary and I got to go on a trip together. We had soooooo much fun!! She had a teachers conference in Hastings, MI, so I took a few days off of work and went with her. The drive wasn't bad , a couple hours and we had fun talking to the lady in the GSP. The hotel she picked was in Shelbyville, and it was AWESOME!!! We went swimming every day in the heated pool, and played a game with the beach ball. She is sooooooo a kindergarten teacher, she kept trying to come up with new games we could play. She cracks me up!!! We got to eat out, actually we only ate out once the other days we got food and brought it back to the room to eat. I taught her how to knit. OMG!!! She picked it up wwwwaaaaaayyyyy faster than I did. I was very impressed!! We got to hang out and talk and just had a real fun time. It was also cool cuz Mary went to these conferences every day and she would come back and tell me all this stuff about children and how their brains work and stuff its sooooooo interesting. I'm soooooooooo proud of her, I could never be able to do learn all the stuff that she knows. Her brain is just sooo packed full of knowledge, I don't know where she stores it all, maybe in her big toe :O) She is such a cutie. I'm so proud of her. But now the trip is over and we are back in the real world. :O( Maybe some day we can take a trip together again. I love my little Mary :O)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pictures of Our Lot

These are some pictures of our lot :O)
Can't really see much other than snow but I promise that
our house will be on this piece of land....

The thought is that where my car is parked is
kind of in front of where our garage may be??

This would be looking at the right side of our house
See the stick the is sticking up, we think that is where our house is going to be,


Oh well, just look at the pick and imagine a house, somewhere??

***These pics where taken today 2/15/08, they started to dig yesterday :O) ***

There is dirt turned up on the right side of this photo, this is where our house will be

More turned up dirt on the left this time
I think this is the far right side of our property. looking toward the left side

All the turned up dirt is where our house will be!!!!!

Can you see it now :O)
I CAN!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not So Hehehehehehehehehe

Well we had the meeting with our building mananger today. It doesn't look like they will break ground tomorrow after all. As we were going over the plans one finial time we noticed that where they were placing the house on the lot was not going to work. They forget to account for the fact that next year we are adding a 3rd stall on for Ryan. With the way they had the house we would not have been able to add it. So now they have to re-draw the print and re-stake the lot. Also today when he when out to check the land he discoverd that the ground was much more frozen then he thought. So tomorrow he will re-stake it and re-check the ground and if it has warmed up some they will break ground tomorrow, if the ground is still to frozen he will keep checking back everday, till there is a good day. He said that it will more than likely be dug by the 18th at the latest. So its not bad news just not heheheheheheh news. Also he did a time line for us and it looks like the house won't be done till June not May like we had thought. But once again that is o.k. A: it gives us more time to save our pennies. B: we have more time to clean out some of our junk. C: we have a better chance that the weather will be nice. There is a small chance that the house will be done in May, but it is small. Although I have a thought that I may be able to help the deal out by baking some cookie, brownies, cake, ect..... But no matter what we are still SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I am sooooooooo EXCITED!! We got a call from our building manager today. They are BREAKING GROUND ON THURSDAY, VALENTINES DAY!!! They wanted it to be a surprise for us, so we will always remember the date!!! I love these people!!!

Crazy Weekend!!!

Well it all started out on Friday night. I went to get Mr. Bojangles cage out of the bookshelf and put in on our Entertainment shelf, so he could be "part of the family" and so the Meow-faces could watch him. So I grab the cage and I notice Mr. Bojangles wasn't in his normal spot. So I put the cage on the shelf and started to look all over the cage for him, and of course by this time Ryan is asking "whats going on".
"Oh, just looking for Mr. Jangles"
"what do you mean, looking for him??"
"Well he's not in his normal spot and I'm looking for him"
So Ryan starts looking for him, after moving around everything in his cage including all the bedding, we came to realize "oh crap he's not in there" :O( This did not make Ryan happy.
So what do I do......Call my all knowing DAD!!! After talking to him for a bit we came to the conclusion that we have NO idea how he got out!! That the Meow-faces had no clue that he even had gotten out, and that we weren't even sure how long he had been out cuz the last time we took him out of the bookshelf was Wednesday, we think, it could have been Tuesday. So now what??

Well we didn't want the Meow-faces to get him so I packed them up and took them to my Dad's, he's such a good Grandpaws :O) Oh and by this time its 10:30-11:00 at night :O( I ran to Meijer hopping to find some No Kill mouse traps, which they didn't have. Neither did Walmart.
So I get home, and try to talk to Ryan, but he was really, really mad. So he just went to bed. I tried looking for the little mouse face, but couldn't find him.

Saturday I got up early with Ryan and went to Lowes. Which does have No Kill mouse traps. I am not about to kill this little mouse, he is ( was ) my buddy. Plus I hate killing things ( except spiders ). The no kill traps are actually really cool. Can't really explain it, The mouse runs in the tube looking thing and his weight causes a door thing to close so he can't get out. Anyways, so I set up these trap and begin to clean like mad. My thought is that if there are no crumbs to eat then he will be forced to run in the tube to get the peanut butter.

So all day I'm hoping that A: I will Find him hiding somewhere, or B: I will turn around to find a trap that is sprung. Neither happened. I cleaned all day and looked everywhere. My dad even came over to help look. But no luck. Plus while I was doing my "mad" clean I burned my hand, got cleaner in my eye, and I took a pretty big chunk out of my big toe which really hurt and bleed. :O( Finally Ryan got home around 10:30pm, he wasn't in such a bad mood by them, plus I made him meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner which I think helped. I make an AWESOME meatloaf!!! So we decide that if we don't catch him by the morning we will get out of the house as soon as we can in the morning. Hoping that if the house is quite then he will come out,and get caught. We eat our Awesome dinner and went to bed.

Ryan got up early, much earlier then I was hoping he would cuz I still wanted to sleep. All of a sudden I hear " I think we got him". I jump out of bed and Ryan hands me a trap that was sprung. But it was soooooo light I couldn't tell if he was in there or not. We even tried comparing it to another trap, but it was so hard to tell. So now what?? I'm not going to just open it in case he is in there, plus if he is what are we going to do with him?? So I leave the decision up to Ryan. Its his choice. So what does he decide?? He wants to keep him!!! What the crap, he got made cuz he got out and now he wants to keep him. So we talk about it. Come to find out he wasn't made that he got out but that the Meow-faces could have gotten sick and that we had to put them through some stress by having to take them to my dad's. He is a little over protective of our girls, I keep saying that he treats them like babies. I wonder what he is going to be like with real babies??
So o.k, we will keep Mr. Bojangles. Since we still had no clue how he got out of his cage we decide to clean it up and take it back and see if we can get a different cage. So we put him back in his 1st cage, the one he started to try to chew through, which is why we got him a different cage. Crazy mouse face.

So now we have the Meow-faces back, which they are happy about. At my dads all Tinky did was hide. He couldn't find her. But once she heard Ryan's ( daddy's ) voice, she came right out. She loves her daddy. And now Mr. Bojangles has yet another new cage. This one is a 5.5 gallon glass aquarium, with a metal screen lid so he can't chew thought it. And we got him a little toy Jeep for him to play/hide in. So hopefully he won't give us any more problems. Although, he is a smart little shit and has discovered that he can roll his toilet paper tube over to his water bottle, climb on top of the tube and jump up and grab on to the water bottle, climb up it and then he can grab on to the metal screen and hang from it, and crawl around the screen. Grrrrrrr. Just be a good little mouse face, won't you :O)

Some of you might think we are crazy for keeping this little guy, and thats o.k but I'm not heartless and I am not about to let him go in this weather its like 30 below outside and its not like he has a place to go out there, he wouldn't even be able to dig himself a house cuz the ground is soooooo cold, and frozen. Maybe in the spring we will let him go. Just not now we don't want to give him a death sentence.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Cats Out Of The Bag

Well now that my dad, mom, brother, and sister know I can officially post it . ( No I'm not pregnant ) WE ARE BUILDING OUR FIRST HOUSE!!!!!

Remember that lost dog that lead us to the creepy man who told us about Laffetty Falls, well I think that dog was sent to us for a reason cuz we are now building in Laffetty Falls. The craziest part about the whole thing is that we had driven past Laffetty Falls a dozen times and never drove in because it looks too expensive. But I guess looks can be deceiving. So I should probably stop call the creepy man creepy too. I should also try and find him and tell him thanks.

So today we are going to see our CAD drawing ( blue print ) and sign off and then they will break ground. The plan is to break ground this week but if it is too rainy they will have to wait a bit. That would be one big mud puddle!!

I will post pictures later with the details of the house.