Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Way too Busy

It has been a month?? I can't believe it. Oh well :O) Life is really busy and exciting. Lt. Mary is getting married in a month ( oops OMG!! I mean a week, good lord what am I thinking?? ) and I am sooo happy for her. We have been spending sooooo much time together and loving it. I don't know what I do with out her. Working together on her wedding stuff has really brought us closer. The memories we have made in the past 6 months we will have forever. I hope some day if I have daughters that they can be as close are we are. The only down side is that I have been trying to writing a toast for her wedding and I keep getting all teary eyed. I promised her I wouldn't make her cry and if I cant even write it without crying then we have a problem. Well back to it, just needed a break :O)