Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New Sister

No, my parents did not have another kid!! MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED!!! ( Which for a while there, years ago, it was more likely for my parents to have another kid than for my brother to get married, but he did it he got married!!! ) I am so happy for him and his new wife!!! Not that she is "new" or anything, she has actually been around for a while. You see she was my friend first :O) But only for maybe less than a year before my brother and her hooked up, well actually it may have been more like 6 to 8 months before they hooked up, I can't remember??

Any who, if I knew where my hubby put my camera cord I'd post a pic or two but I can't seem to find it.

They were soooooooo cute on there wedding day and I am soooooo happy for them!!! It was soooo totally weird for me to look up and see my big brother. He looked to hansom and she was so beautiful!!! Just like in a fairy tale. I hope they live happily ever after.

The wedding reception was so much fun too!! I danced my butt off!!! So did Ryan, but not till the end though. I'm still not sure who go him on the dance floor??? He did dance with me during the slow songs all night but not to the fast fun songs till the end, then he was " cutting a rug " or what ever it is they say?? The only thing I do regret is not doing the toast I had prepared. :O( I was just sooooo nervous I thought I would throw up or make a total fool of myself and cry, but I have thought about it and I want to post it...........so here goes............

Sitting in the pew yesterday during the rehearsal it really hit me, Joe's getting married!! I never thought this day would come. o.k well most thought this day would never come.
Looking at him yesterday did bring tears to my eyes, not only because I felt for Mary and wondered if she really knew what she was getting herself into but because thats Joe, my big brother, "My Joe" as I lovingly called him when we were kids. My Joe taught me so much. He taught me about all the morning cartoons. Batman and Robin, G.I. Joe, Thunder Cat, Heman and Shera, Lonny Tunes, Transformers along with others that we would sit and watch every morning till Mom made us turn off the T.V and play outside. But my lessons from my big brother didn't stop there oh no, there was so much to teach his your sister and the great outdoors was the perfect place.

I learned that a stick was not just a stick, it could be a gun, a sword, a knife, or you could simply use it to beat your sister. He taught me how to climb fences, dig holes and cover them so if an intruder tried to attack he would fall in and meet an untimely death, he ever taught me how to put nails in the bottom of said holes, just in case the fall it self didn't kill the guy the nails at the bottom sure would. He taught me all about setting traps and how to use fire crackers. For example those little so called "safe" firecrackers that you just throw on the ground and they pop, well you can put those under the gas and break peddles of your parents cars as well as under the tires. So if any one tried to steal the car we would know.

Joe was the greatest mentor!! And if I ever had an idea he wouldn't stop me. Like the time I thought I was Wonder Woman and thought I could fly. Do you think Joe stopped me from trying?? Oh No, he let me go on and try to fly, but he was there to comfort me when I found out the truth I was so super hero. I always envied Joe, he could be Batman but I couldn't be a super hero too. I guess God only allows one super hero per family.

Joe made our childhood!! Without Joe, Lt. Mary and I would not be the people we are today. Joe taught us to laugh and to have fun. Even when we were hurt Joe was there to put a smile on our faces and make us laugh so hard we would pee our pants. For those of you who don't know Joe that well, he really would make us laugh till we peed, its his signature move. Joe was not satisfied till we wet ourselves.

I love my big brother and he is so very special to me. I'm so happy that he has married such a wonderful girl like Swiental, and I truly mean that you are wonderful! In the 4yrs or so that we have been friends, I have truly come to love you like a sister. You are so sweet and caring, always smiling and happy. I'm so happy that you and Joe found each other, you fit so perfectly together, and most of all you have the same sense of humor as Joe. And you always know what he means instead of what he says. For example these are some of the things that Sweet Mary and understood. And these are quotes "Mary, you are one of the most beautiful girls in the world" to which Mary replied "one of the most"
One morning Mary was getting ready for work and was looking in the mirror and said "Man, I need to get to the gym" to which Joe replied "that'd be nice"

These are just two examples, and Joe never means any harm by what he says and Mary here understands that and she knows what is in Joe's heart, and what he really means. It takes a very special person to be that understanding. I truly believe that you two were made for each other.

So a toast to my Awesome Big Brother and his Beautiful Wife . May you always be smiling, laughing, and handle everything with a sense of humor. I am sooo happy for you and I love you guys!!

So that was the toast that I was going to do but didn't. Sorry guys :O( But I am kind of glad I didn't cause I couldn't even type it without crying. I'm such a girl. I really am happy for them and
hehehehehehehehehehe I've gots a New Sister!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day two and three

Well I have now had a job for 2 whole days!!! Wow what in the world was I thinking, getting back into the working world is not the smartest thing I have ever done. The alarm goes off at 7 them 7:15, 7:20, I reset it for 7:30 and once again for 7:40 before I decide I can no longer put it off and I must get up unless I want to go to work looking like a bum. Ryan on the other hand gets up before his alarm even has a chance to go off. Which I think isn't every nice, thats the alarms job, you are depriving it of its sole function.

So I fall out of bed get ready and drive to work, yeah!!! Just like the big kids, but I never wanted to be a big kid, I like being little ,I miss it, I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! The days of nothing, I'm talking maybe around the age of 4/5. When you got up to your mom nicely wakening you up not an anoying beeping/buzzing noise, the age when you didn't have to make breakfast cuz mom did it for you, the age that you watched cartoons and played outside till it was nap time. Man oh man do I miss nap time. When you didn't have to actually match your clothes, or shoes for that matter, and who give a rip if you didn't have your hair done. When bathing was fun cuz you could take toys with you and pretend to save the animals from drowning, or maybe just drown them. When you didn't have to come home and clean and do a ton of laundry cuz your husband will wash it and dry it but won't put it away. Why oh why did I not appreciate it as a kid!!!

So tonight I have put away 4 loads of laundry, yes mainly all my husbands clothes. I swear he changes his clothes like 4 times a day. Oh and the best part is that I spent a good chunk of time Sunday making sure ALLLLLLLLLLLL the laundry was done, so why do we have 4 loads now??? Its been a whole 3 days. So I'm thinking the new rule is that we just go naked. Except for the clothes you have to wear to work. I don't want to be arrested now, I'm not that stupid. If we could manage that I would only have 1 maybe 2 loads a week!!!!! Now I can handle that :O)

Other than that everything else is cool. Today is Ryan's 3rd day of work. He's liking it for the most part. He doesn't get to do much since he is new. Mainly just sits at a computer all day and does trainings. But its better than B.B oh and speaking of that place. They are officially with out any body in the Bay :O) They screwed the other 2 guys who work there and they both put in their notices!!! HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!! Now I am not one for being mean but they totally got what was coming!!!

Well thats all for now, I need to check the washer and dryer to see if there are any surprises in there for me :O)

Monday, September 3, 2007


Well it is official Ryan and I both have jobs now BOOOOOO :'o( Ryan started his today at Advanced Auto he is the 2nd Asst. Manager, which is kind of cool, at least he isn't stating from the bottom and having to move up. I guess I am alright with that.

His day started at 6am this morning and let me tell you I don't think he has been up that early since he left B.B. but I was proud of him he woke up with a smile and was pretty happy this morning ( surprise surprise ). It is nice that he works so close to home now, he even surprised me and came home for lunch, and believe me it was a surprise!!! So I made him lunch and he watched some t.v, then headed back. I guess I am lucky not ever ones husband can come home for lunch.

Oh and one of the best parts of this job is no more blue shirts. His shirts are white ( not to happy about having to make sure I get stains out ) and black, but I must say he does look mighty sexy in the white. I think it brings out his eyes, or maybe I am just a dork who thinks my husband is hot!!!

My job stats tomorrow :O( but I guess nine to noon isn't to bad 4 days a week, just not looking froward to the 9-5 on Mondays, but oh well.

Other than that I have been trying to clean like mad and get everything in order before I start work tomorrow, not that it is that big of a deal, I can always do more tomorrow when I get home.

So we have jobs, and everything else is fine, gots to get back to the cleaning :O(