Friday, October 17, 2008

What is it with Fall

I love Fall. It makes me LOVE everything and appreciate things more. I find myself looking at the clouds and admiring how beautifully they are painted in the sky, how the color of the sky is like no color I have ever seen before, how the air smells so clean or how you can catch a hint of the smell of leaves burning far off in the distance. How its chilly but but to chilly, the way the sky explodes with color when the sun sets, sinking down behind the magnificently colored tree tops. I love how each leaf knows the exact shade it need to change in order for the tree to be a complete work of art & how no matter how small or big a tree is they are are beautifully decorated with no help from mankind.

I love how the fall makes you what to slow down. A walk down the street or just sitting outside doesn't seem like a inconvenience like it does in the summer. I love how fall makes you feel like the rush of summer is over. I love how it makes you want to snuggle closer. How Ryan will throw his arms around me when we are outside, wrap his arms in mind and block the wind from hitting my back. I love how I'm just the right height for him that he can rest his chin on my head. I love the feel of my soft sweaters and fleece. I love how Ryan will put his cold hand on my tummy to warm them up, & how we both giggle. He giggles cuz he thinks its funny, I giggle cuz it tickles. I love how we will watch t.v all snuggled up under a blanket our cold toes playing footsie with each other trying to get the other ones feet warm. I love how he will make me hot coco. I love snuggling my cold nose into his warm neck. I love warm comfort food. Stews, chili, corn bread muffins, warm baked apples, meatloaf, I could go on and on.

I guess most of all I love my family. My wonderful husband who cares so much. I love how he is always concerned with the little things, always telling me "not to worry", how he snuggles with the meow faces and plays with them like they are children. How he makes nests for them to sleep in so they aren't chilly. How he is always asking me if I'm hot or cold. I love how everything is Bee's. I love how he laughs and smiles. I love my sister and how everything in life can be a game. How even though she is an adult she still has the innocents of a little girl. I love how she is upbeat and positive and how she is always willing to help everyone. I love my brother in law Erik how even thought he isn't my "brother-brother" he feels comfortable enough in our family to treat me like his sister. I love how he is a brother to Ryan. I love how he is aways willing to help too. I love how even he tells me to "stop worrying so much". I love that he loves Mary. I love my Pappy. How he is sooo smart and doesn't even know it. I love how he is always willing to put his stuff aside and help his kids even though we are grown. I love how he and Ryan get along sooo well. I love that I can talk to him about everything and he is honest. I love my Mom, brother and sister in law too. We just aren't that close but I would love for that to change.

So what is it with fall?? There are 3 other wonderful seasons but why does fall effect me sooo much??

Friday, October 10, 2008

You Know You Work For A Non-Profit Organization When..

First off I love my job. I love the people and the art and the students and what I do in general. But that is not to say that working for a non-profit organization doesn't have its, well lets just say challenges. Some are "fun" challenges others are so ridiculous that "normal" businesses would think we were still in the stone age if they actually knew what we have to do ourselves and not have a fancy computer or a machine to do it for us. So this is my attempt to bring some humor to the non-profit world I live in.


10- there is a budget for Kleenex & instead of being able to order it someone must go out & buy it.
9- your phone is sooo old that they no longer even make parts to fix it and most technicians have never seen "that model"
8-not only is your phone from the stone age but most buttons no longer work do to the large amount of coffee, water, soda, and juice that has been spilled on it over the years.
7- Our mailings are actually created by us, typed by us, copied by us, and stuffed in to envelops by well me :O)
6 - In case it didn't sink in we actually have to mail out our own stuff & I'm talking folding over 2,000 letter by hand, labeling over 2,000 envelopes by hand, sealing over 2,000 envelopes by glue stick (cuz I'm sure as hell not going to lick them), and putting stamps on over 2,000 envelops by hand.
5- Yes we actually use stamps it is not in our budget to get a meter thing that would just weight it and stamp it for us.
4- When we changed our name this year by dropping the regional part "it was a very big deal"!!
3- There is no one to cover for you if you are sick. Your job either just doesn't get done that day or your boss does it and is happy to since it is a nice change for a day.
2- When the office need a change instead of actually hiring a company to come in and paint and decorate the staff actually paints their own offices.


THE RECEPTION DESK JUST GOT IT'S FIRST COMPUTER EVER!!!! It is a used computer we don't have the budget to buy a new one but you would think it is the first computer ever made but the way people act about it. Every one has too see it, touch it, talk about it.

Don't get me wrong it is very cool to have a computer at my desk and I did just type this blog on it and got paid to do it so I guess I am one of those people that is super excited about the computer. Now I feel like I have a real job - isn't that what most people do surf the net at work?? :O)