Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm moving to Sweden

I often wonder if Great Grandpa Axel knew what he was doing when he can here to the U.S.? Why did he leave Sweden?? Was he just wanting someplace warmer to live? What was it?? Would he be pissed if we moved back??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is Kringle, I didn't take any pictures of her with my real camera ( stupied me ) but I took this video of her with I cell phone. I've never posted a video before so I hope this works. Rest in Peace sweet little meow face. I hope the angels are loving and playing with you. xoxoxoxox

Monday, December 8, 2008

So Very Sad

I knew when I got in the pet saving bussiness that it wasn't always going to be sunshine and roses, but then again you don't really expect saving an animal to go "bad". When it does it hits you - HARD!!!!

This past weekend Ry and I rescued an aprox. 9 month old kitten. She was at my cousin Adam and Steph"s house. They had seen her around for the past couple months and once in a while Steph would feed her, especially now that it was cold. I went to their house for their daughters 1st b-day ( i made the cake ) and when I went to leave here was this kitten meowing, trying to walk through the deep snow with little frozen mittens. Even thought she was cold and had ice and snow stuck to her paws she still pounced on a little snow ball the she had kicked. It broke my heart. I cried on my drive home. I knew that if I would have taken her Ry would have been mad. But I decided to tell him about her even if he wouldn't do anything to help her. To my surprise he was like " lets go get her". Sometimes he really amazes me.

So Saturday night we go pick her up. She was soooooo loving, and even on the car ride home if she started to cry Ry would tell her to "be a good meow face" and she would stop crying. We set her up in our garage. She had a bed with lots of blankets to keep her warm, food and water and a little litter box. She was soooo happy. She couldn't decide what to do first. She would "chow down" for a bit while looking at us out of the corner of her eyes, then run over to us to be petted but would keep looking at her food then would run over to the food and eat some more them run back to us. It was like she wanted both so bad she didn't know what to do first. It was cute too, when we would open the door to the house to check on her she would get scared and run under the car but as soon as you called her she would come right to you and want to be petted. She wanted to be loved sooooo bad. Anyways last night we put her in the basement so she could be extra warm and she loved it. Ryan played and played with her. We decided to give her to Ry's mom. We thought she would be perfect for her because she was such a happy loving kitten. We named her Kringle, as in Kris Kringle, cuz its Christmas time. We though it was very fitting.

Well Ry took her to the vet today to get her checked out. She didn't look or act sick but it was just a precaution. And sure enough they had to put her down cuz she was sick with feline AIDS.
Ry called me at work to tell me the bad new, he thought I should know. I cried. It broke my heart. I just don't get why?? She didn't deserve to be sick. She was soooo beautiful and loving and great full. Plus I feel double bad cuz I didn't even get to say good-bye. I was running late this morning cuz I snoozed for 10 extra mins so it was totally my fault. So I didn't even get to play with her this morning. Thats all she wanted was to be loved and played with.

I know - if your in the animal saving business sometimes things like this happen, but come on, why this one!!! I didn't even get a good pic of her. Today SUCKS!!!! Now i feel like I need to save something else to make up for this one. I just pray that she is playing with the angels, she deserves to be happy in heaven. She was a very good meow face. Rest in Peace Kringle, you sweet little meow face. We loved you xoxoxxo :O(