Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I truly am Snow White

What is it with me and animals?? Do I give off a vibe that says "hey little creature if you need help I'll help you."?

So I am walking in my back yard looking to see how much our grass is growing and I see this little bird sitting on this big rock just a chirping away. No big deal, right. All of a sudden it flies up to our sun room windows circles around and heads right for me!!!! I just stood there hoping it would just fly past me and IT LANDS ON ME!!! A BIRD LANDS ON MY HIP!!!! I am standing there looking down this cute little gray and yellow bird clinging to my dress. It was actually really cool. It was just looking around and surprisingly I wasn't scared :O) It "rested" on me for a good minute I would say. It might have stayed longer but I had a brilliant idea to try to take a picture of it with my camera phone. I almost had it too but as soon as I moved my hand to the button to take the picture it flew away. Well not away but to the ground like a foot from me. So of course I see this as a sign that the little bird needs something so I run inside grab Mr. BoJangles food (remember the mouse we rescued) and pick out all the bird seed and proceed to throw it all over the back yard for the birds. God I need help :O) At least this one we didn't take in and "save".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are HOME!!!!

Actually we have been home for, well it will be 2 weeks tomorrow :O) I love this place!!! It is soooo beautiful!! So big!! I'm soooo excited. Ryan is too!! The move went really really well, better than I thought it would have gone. The moves got to the apartment at 9:o0am and went straight to work. There were 3 guys, in there 20's I would say and they just busted ass. It was amazing to watch. At 10:00 am Ryan and I left them and went and closed on the house.My dad came over to "watch" the movers for us while we closed. I am proud to say that I did not throw up on the closing agent. That whole closing thing had me very nervous. All those papers to sign. But we made it through it and no ones hand fell off from signing. We got back to the apartment at 11:30ish and the movers were just finishing up. I was floored. I can't believe what would have taken us a day to do these guys did in just 2 and 1/2 hours!! My dad said that they would carry something down the stairs and then run up all those stairs to the 3rd floor to get something else. They are nuts!! But AWESOME!!! We got to the new house at 12:00 pm and they went right to work. I had them put most of the stuff in the back spare bedroom till I could figure out what to do with it. But they did put our bedroom stuff in our room and even set up the bed for us. They put the furniture in the Family room just the way I asked them too, and the same for the desks being put in the other spare room. They were done by 1:30pm. AMAZING!!!!

We had sooooo many people visit us that day too. Family and friends who were excited and happy for us stopped by to check the new place out. I love having my door open to guests. We had wine coolers, beer, and snacks for them too. Lunch was sooo funny, my cousin Steph stopped by, with her to adorable kids :O), so her and I went to McDonald's to get lunch for everybody. My order went something like I need 10 double cheese burgers, 10 Mc chickens and how many apple pies do you have?? The lady actually went and counted. I took them all, 11 I think?? I wish I knew what those people were thinking?? I have a pic somewhere of our fabulous 1st meal in our new house. After lunch we pretty much went straight to work unpacking and putting things away. We had a lot of help and a big THANK YOU to all who helped or just stopped by that day, it wouldn't have been the same with out all of you. Mary ( my sister ) and Mary ( my sister in law ) unpacked my kitchen for me :O) My Pops put my curtain rods up, so I can hide my nakedness :O) Joe used his muscles and cut the shelves for the closets. My mom and his Mom ironed my curtains :O) I can't remember what else, but that's a good portion of the things going on that 1st day. We have pizza for dinner which was also very fitting. I loved it.

Ryan and I also brought the meow faces here that night. It was interesting. I don't know weather they were sacred or excited but they explored and had fun I think. Tinky did have a few problems which she solved by trying to sleep on my head. I did manage to get her under the covers instead, which I think was just as good as my head. I think?? Nizzy, is my fearless one, she explored and was just as happy as can be. Although she did sleep in Tinky's nest for a few nights, but she is over that now. Her favorite place is in the closet. Typical girl. They are completely at home now, and they LOVE running and playing on the stairs, which Ryan scolds them for. Its really cute.

Other than that we are just unpacking little, by little. We have all the major stuff done now it is just finding a place for all the other stuff. But we have a basement so I think a majority of it will be going down there till we need it. Hey that's what basements are for.

I do have to share one more thing. The other evening/night Ryan was outside adjusting the sprinklers and working a little bit on the yard and I was in the kitchen making dinner and it really hit me. THIS IS MY HOUSE!! THAT IS MY HUSBAND WORKING IN OUR YARD!! I'M COOKING IN MY BIG BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN!! It really felt like heaven at that point!! I am sooo happy, Ryan and I are the happiest we have ever been!!! We are sooo in love with each other!! Life is great and when the time is right for us we will start trying to have a family. I am soooo blessed!!!