Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 Bunnies a Day!!!!


These are pictures from our adventure with the 3 baby bunnies!!

My cutie pie city boy calls me one day no more than a couple of minutes after he left the apartment and says that there is a itty bitty baby bunny that needs help. So I run down to him and he managed to get the one picked up in an old towel he had in his car, and as we are standing there trying to decide what to do, one of the grounds keeper walks up and hands us another baby bunny that he had in his POCKET!!! So now we have two baby bunnies, then we saw the third and picked him up as well. So we were standing there with this now what look and the only thing I can think of is DADDY WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! He know everything!!! I can't remember exactly the conversation but we ended up putting the baby bunnies in the kitten carrier ( no the kittens were not in it ) and took them over to my dads house were we could take care of them till they were strong enough to be let go. These are just some of the pictures I have more on my dad's camera. Oh and these pics are in total random order, I try to download them in order but when they post they end up all screwed up, sorry.

This is Cracker and Peanut,
Peanut was the runt and we had the hardest time getting him to eat with the eye dropper,
and baby bottle, then we couldn't get him to eat grass or bunny food, we though for sure he
wasn't going to make it, but in the end he was the only one that did.
Poor Cracker and Jack passed away for unknown reasons, they were the strongest!!

Cracker eating grass

Baby Peanut eating grass, finally!!!!

Lunch Times!!

This is before Jack passed away he is the little guy in the corner,
Peanut and Cracker are hiding in the blankets

Jack and Cracker

Frosty ( my dad's cat ) liked to watch them, he never tried anything but he was curious

Little Jack - he was such a good bunny, the first to eat with the baby bottle, the first to eat grass and bunny food. He was such a good little guy, he like to jump and would tease the cats. Poor little guy. I hope he is in bunny heaven having a grand old time :O)

Me holding baby Peanut while Lt. Mary feeds him. Peanut was such a scared little guy,
he only liked me :O)

This was the first day, we set up the light to keep them warm,
they were sooo tiny

All three of them, in their nest, the first day

After we had them a couple day we took them out side so they could "play" in the
grass. This is Jack - he loved the grass!!

Cracker and Jack -
they were absolutely terrified to be in the sun light and all they did was hide

Kitten milk, baby bottle, and eye dropper we used to feed them

Peanut the first day we had him

Cracker and Jack

Ryan and a bunny

My Daddy helping us, he was a good bunny grandpaws

Ryan with the bunnies

Daddy feed holding Jack, the first night we had them

AWWWWWWWW!!!! Ryan feeding the baby bunny :O)

He's going to be a good daddy one day!!!
Well that is if babies are anything like baby bunnies :O)

I put the cell phone next to the baby so you could see how small he is

Ryan's hand next to the baby bunny

Awwwww daddy and baby Jack

Ryan holding Cracker and Peanut

Daddy and Jack

HEHEHEHE, this is Peanut !!!!

Ryan feeding the baby again. He was sooo sweet with these little guys!!!

Well that was our adventure. Only one made it, Peanut, and was released at my uncles house. The other two were the strongest of the 3 and why they passed away is beyond me. It was almost like they were fine one minute and gone the next. Cracker and Jack Rest in Bunny Peace. I have to get a hold of my dad's camera but I will post the release.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Cutest Darm Thing I've Ever Seen

HEHEHEEH This morning I just saw the cutest darn thing ever. I was sitting on my balcony drinking my coffee and taking to my dad on the phone and watching the ducks on the "lake" and there was this little baby duck all by him self just a zippin around the middle, it looked like he was just havin the time of his life, then all of a sudden his mom darts out from the shore where she and all of her other babies were eating and goes and gets him and I swear she scolded him. She actually made him follow her back and I'm pretty sure he got a "time out". It was just soooo darn funny to see this. It almost gave you this feeling like I shouldn't be staring at them, you know the way you feel when you are in a store and a mom is scolding her kid, you don't want to stair, well at least I don't cuz I feel rude. But of course I did cuz you never see an animal being scolded. You never actually think of a duck as a "good mommy" but she sure was. And in a way I almost felt bad for the little duck. Just about every body knows I LOVE ANIMALS so this totally made my day. Then as if that wasn't cute enough the mommy and all her babies were swimming by the shore eating and she has an albino baby! It was all white with a bright orange beak, soooooo cute. I love ducks. Oh and I saw some baby bunnies eating they were cute too. I just wanted to run down there and play with them all.

Oh and I don't think I told anybody, WE HAVE BABY BIRDIES!!!! Well we don't but we do..... anyways a few months back we put up a bird house for some morning doves well they were scared off but these other birds and they made a nest and now there are babies!!! I haven't seen them cuz they are hidden pretty well by the nest, I must say those birds sure do know how to build a nest, but I can hear them. If you are kind of quite you can hear them with their cute little peeps, and you can watch (from inside) as the mom or dad or both bring them worms. Good little baby bird parents. I love nature!!!

Oh and now some bad news - THOSE BASTARDS CUT DOWN A TON OF TREES!!!!!!
O.K now that I have that out of my system. Yesterday the apartment complex cut down quite a few trees, and they were trees that had bird nests in them. It really makes me sad cuz one of the trees was a pine just off my balcony and Tinky and Nizzy would watch the birds sitting in it and squirrels would climb it and jump to the roof and down onto the balconies and look for food and well it now what are the little critters going to do. If I would have know that they were going to do this I would have protested. Chained myself to the tree or something but now its just gone, along with others. This really makes me MAD!!!! And if I wasn't so small I would go kick their butts!!! I can't wait till I get a house, then I can protect the animals more and they will have a safe place. Poor little critters. People are sooo rude to them. Just cuz we are bigger doesn't mean that we can just take every thing over. GRRRRRRRRR!!!! Screw this it's just making me mad I'm going to watch the ducks so more. Have a good day as long as you don't cut anything down!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures From Our Trip To The Childrens Museum In Indy

These pics are totally random - I couldn't get them to stay in order, but that's o.k. - Ryan and I were lucky enough to be able to take a short 3 day vacation to Muncie to see Mary and Erik back in May. We had soooo much fun. These are some of the pics from our trip to the museum, I took a ton of pics but I hope this at least shows the FUN we had. Oh and in case you aren't sure No - neither Ryan and I nor Mary and Erik have any children, and Yes we are all adults Mary and Erik are 22, I'm 24 and Ryan's 30 - so I guess this proves your never too old.

Ryan getting his hair did -
this was part of one of the "sets" - It was really cool they took books and
made a "set" of one of the important parts, only problem is I can't remember what
book this was from :O(

Mary and I having tea with the three bears :O)

I love this Clock

Couch Potato??

Driving back to Muncie - we got bored

Taking a ride

Ryan found a car

Erik took it for a spin too!

Now I know how he gets his curls :O)

We did this spy mission - the boys got a little too into it so
Mary and I went on with out them the best part was they actually
thought it was real and they were really solving a case - silly boys :O)
Erik cracking a safe - Mary did it first though, I just didn't get a picture

My hubby :O)

Ryan and I

Mary and Erik

Hello Mr. Bear

This was the spy mission


Oh you are soooo sly :O)

Enough Said!!!!

Thanks for the awesome weekend guys :O) We Love you!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've missed a whole month!!

Holy Cow!!! I can't believe that I haven't posted anything for a whole month, but I have been soooo busy.
I ( and my dad ) threw my little sister a graduation party last weekend so that took a lot of time to plan. Well, the party it self wasn't hard to plan, it was the getting my dad's house ready for the party that was hard. Like the true Hektor's we are we decided about 2 weeks before the party that we should paint the house ( the inside ), so I have spent every waking moment at my dad's house painting, and cleaning, and.... and .... and... I can't even wrap my head around everything I have done at that house. I managed to get the foyer, Family Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Bathroom painted, we didn't get a chance to get the the living room or dinning room, but I glad we did it. The party was fun, water balloon fight and all. We are sooo proud of our little Mary, oh and she has already gotten a job. She is the Kindergarten teacher at St. Jude's in South Bend, Yeah Yeah Yeah we are soooo excited for her. She reached her goal!!!! What an awesome baby sister :O)

Oh and while all this was going on my hubby rescued 3 baby bunnies. Yep my city boy saved 3 baby bunnies - I guess I'm rubbing off on him :O) They were soooo little we had to feed them with an eye dropper for about the fist week, then we were able to move to a tiny baby bottle. I'll post more of their story with their pictures. They were sooo cute.

In the next couple of days I'll post more including pics from our trip to the zoo and museum from last month, pics from Marys party and my bunny pics.