Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I truly am Snow White

What is it with me and animals?? Do I give off a vibe that says "hey little creature if you need help I'll help you."?

So I am walking in my back yard looking to see how much our grass is growing and I see this little bird sitting on this big rock just a chirping away. No big deal, right. All of a sudden it flies up to our sun room windows circles around and heads right for me!!!! I just stood there hoping it would just fly past me and IT LANDS ON ME!!! A BIRD LANDS ON MY HIP!!!! I am standing there looking down this cute little gray and yellow bird clinging to my dress. It was actually really cool. It was just looking around and surprisingly I wasn't scared :O) It "rested" on me for a good minute I would say. It might have stayed longer but I had a brilliant idea to try to take a picture of it with my camera phone. I almost had it too but as soon as I moved my hand to the button to take the picture it flew away. Well not away but to the ground like a foot from me. So of course I see this as a sign that the little bird needs something so I run inside grab Mr. BoJangles food (remember the mouse we rescued) and pick out all the bird seed and proceed to throw it all over the back yard for the birds. God I need help :O) At least this one we didn't take in and "save".

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