Friday, October 10, 2008

You Know You Work For A Non-Profit Organization When..

First off I love my job. I love the people and the art and the students and what I do in general. But that is not to say that working for a non-profit organization doesn't have its, well lets just say challenges. Some are "fun" challenges others are so ridiculous that "normal" businesses would think we were still in the stone age if they actually knew what we have to do ourselves and not have a fancy computer or a machine to do it for us. So this is my attempt to bring some humor to the non-profit world I live in.


10- there is a budget for Kleenex & instead of being able to order it someone must go out & buy it.
9- your phone is sooo old that they no longer even make parts to fix it and most technicians have never seen "that model"
8-not only is your phone from the stone age but most buttons no longer work do to the large amount of coffee, water, soda, and juice that has been spilled on it over the years.
7- Our mailings are actually created by us, typed by us, copied by us, and stuffed in to envelops by well me :O)
6 - In case it didn't sink in we actually have to mail out our own stuff & I'm talking folding over 2,000 letter by hand, labeling over 2,000 envelopes by hand, sealing over 2,000 envelopes by glue stick (cuz I'm sure as hell not going to lick them), and putting stamps on over 2,000 envelops by hand.
5- Yes we actually use stamps it is not in our budget to get a meter thing that would just weight it and stamp it for us.
4- When we changed our name this year by dropping the regional part "it was a very big deal"!!
3- There is no one to cover for you if you are sick. Your job either just doesn't get done that day or your boss does it and is happy to since it is a nice change for a day.
2- When the office need a change instead of actually hiring a company to come in and paint and decorate the staff actually paints their own offices.


THE RECEPTION DESK JUST GOT IT'S FIRST COMPUTER EVER!!!! It is a used computer we don't have the budget to buy a new one but you would think it is the first computer ever made but the way people act about it. Every one has too see it, touch it, talk about it.

Don't get me wrong it is very cool to have a computer at my desk and I did just type this blog on it and got paid to do it so I guess I am one of those people that is super excited about the computer. Now I feel like I have a real job - isn't that what most people do surf the net at work?? :O)

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