Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where Had November Gone??

Good Lord, it feels like November has just flown by and that Christmas is just around the corner.
Ry and I started out this month with the thought of possibly trying to start a family in January. Now we are ending the month with him being laid off, Circuit City is closing, me working 3 part-time jobs and trying to figure out what to do next. For now he is still working, everyday that he can work is 8 more hours of pay. One day he will come home and say "thats it, it over". In a way I'm kind of terrified of that day. I don't know how to take it. Will he be relieved, depressed, happy?? He HATES working there. He says that no one cares anymore and the customers are HORRIBLE. He has gotten death threats. DEATH THREATS!!!!! because the fucking customer doesn't get the deal he wants. So they will threaten to kill you, your family, the whole store. Oh and not to mention the scum of the earth telling him how much he sucks cuz the store is closing, and how worthless he is, how he sucks as a man cuz he won't be able to provide for his family. Whatever, they can all jump off a bride as far as I'm concerned. So I guess it goes without saying that he isn't a "happy camper" these days. But we will get through it. We always do. We might not have a pretty marriage on the outside but it's pretty dam strong on the inside.
Oh and not to mention that my sister and her husband are also going through this too. My Ry and my sisters Erik work or should I say worked together at the same store. On the bight side we get to go through this with our best friends. I don't know where I would be with out my little sister. She the M in my M&M's :O) Its actually cute, Ryan and Erik are very close and so are Mary and I. We see each other at least 4times a week. We are always sharing dinners and going places together, and the boys stick together at work. I think Ryan thinks of Erik as the younger brother he never had. He is very protective of Erik like I am of Mary. I also think its funny that I can't call them little sister or little brother cuz they both tower over us. I love those two. :O)

So as for my 3 jobs. I now get up at 5am so I can leave my house by 6:30am to get to work for 7am to work with our accountant. So I guess you could call me an accounting assistant?? I'm doing all the invoices, health care and dependent care financial stuff, credit card stuff, billing, check writing, bank records, ect... Oh and did I mention that I don't have a degree for this stuff. I really don't even have a high school diploma. Nuts !!! So I do that for 2 hours before the office opens, then I move to the front desk where I continue some of the accounting stuff plus I become the receptionist. I'm a busy little beaver. Then probably at least 2x a week sometimes more I work the aftercare program at St. Judes. So I am there from, well on half days I do the museum stuff leave at noon and drive straight to the school and I am there till 6pm. Other days I have time to go home, eat change, clean a bit then I work 3-6pm. Then I go home and still cook a lovely dinner. For now I am surviving. Coffee is my FRIEND!!! The only real crappy part is that I still don't sleep. Grrrrrr.

Other than that all is well. The deck is done - well all except some sticks but those aren't a big deal. I will post pictures soon. When I have time. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love love love my deck!!! I have the bestest daddy. The kittens are good, they love the house. They are a bit spoiled. They each have their own twin size beds in the spare bedroom. Plus Tinky has her own Leather Reclining chair and Bootsie owns our closet. Not the mention all the other nest Ry has made for them all over the house. We still have BoJangles and Baily. They are good. All that is left this month is to get through Thanksgiving. Yeah for a day off Friday!!! I could use one, I'm excited for it too. Mary and I are going to hang out while the boys are at work, have a fire, make gingerbread people, string popcorn and berries, drink hot coco, and watch all the Christmas DVD's we can!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! Its just the kind of day I need.

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