Monday, May 14, 2007

Its been 10 days??!!

Wow, I can't believe its been 10 days since I last posted??!! This may take a while!!

Lets see what has happened....

Ryan ( and I ) have been on vacation for the past two weeks. Things have been busy. I quit my part time job ( actually on April 30th ) so now I can volunteer full time. I am working on volunteering at the hospital reading to children, along with helping out at Pet refuge, and catholic charities. I don't have everything scheduled out yet but I'm working on it.
Ryan and I have been looking for houses. We actually found one that we really like but we don't like the price. So we are just going to keep looking. Plus it is only the 2nd house we saw so there maybe something better out there for us. My feeling is that if we are meant to have this house then it will be there when we are ready and they will take less for it :O)
Ryan has been working on his car. He's so cute. He acts like a little boy who has a really cool toy. He'll ask me first thing in the morning "if it would be alright with me if he went and worked on it for a while", he promises not to be spend the whole day working on it and not to be home late. I just think its cute. Then he proceeds to tell me all the things he's doing to it. Its funny he thinks that I would be upset or something that he wants to work on the car but I don't mind, he enjoys it. The way he lights up when he talks about the car and his new parts. He really does remind me of a kid with a new toy. Or the other thing he does that is really cute is he'll call me if he finds something thats wrong or broken and tell me all about it. Then ask me if he can get the parts to fix it. Of course he can fix it. It just always makes me smile. He'll tell me how much it will cost and how long it should take to fix it. He's such a cutie pie.
We were also able to go down to Muncie and see Lt. Mary and Erik last weekend (May 4th,5th, and 6th). We had so much fun we stayed at their apartment and went to the Children's Museum in Indy on Saturday (I know we don't have any kids and we are all adults - heck Ryan's 30 but it was fun, I liked the dinosaurs the best) and then the Zoo on Sunday. I'll post pictures in another post. Its sooo fun how my husband and Mary's boyfriend can get along so well. We couldn't have plan it better if we tried.

I don't know hat else - I feel so weird today. Ryan went back to work today and that threw me way off. Well I guess today will be a cleaning day, I haven't had one of those in about 2 weeks and boy do we have a ton of laundry. Maybe I'll find an excuse to go outside too, it's soooo nice :O)

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