Monday, September 3, 2007


Well it is official Ryan and I both have jobs now BOOOOOO :'o( Ryan started his today at Advanced Auto he is the 2nd Asst. Manager, which is kind of cool, at least he isn't stating from the bottom and having to move up. I guess I am alright with that.

His day started at 6am this morning and let me tell you I don't think he has been up that early since he left B.B. but I was proud of him he woke up with a smile and was pretty happy this morning ( surprise surprise ). It is nice that he works so close to home now, he even surprised me and came home for lunch, and believe me it was a surprise!!! So I made him lunch and he watched some t.v, then headed back. I guess I am lucky not ever ones husband can come home for lunch.

Oh and one of the best parts of this job is no more blue shirts. His shirts are white ( not to happy about having to make sure I get stains out ) and black, but I must say he does look mighty sexy in the white. I think it brings out his eyes, or maybe I am just a dork who thinks my husband is hot!!!

My job stats tomorrow :O( but I guess nine to noon isn't to bad 4 days a week, just not looking froward to the 9-5 on Mondays, but oh well.

Other than that I have been trying to clean like mad and get everything in order before I start work tomorrow, not that it is that big of a deal, I can always do more tomorrow when I get home.

So we have jobs, and everything else is fine, gots to get back to the cleaning :O(

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