Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Quick Update

Well things have been crazy lately. Ryan's last day of work was Friday so how we are both unemployed. YEAH!!! No really I am VERY happy about this. I hated his job. Not to say that the next will be a ton better but at least it won't be what he had before. I am really excited about our new adventure. Although it does look like I will have to get a job. I'm not really hip about the whole idea, mainly because I just don't know where to apply. But I will find a place and hopefully it will be o.k.

Other than that I have just been busy with wedding stuff. Swiental's party was last weekend, and her shower is next weekend and then on the 31st we are going out again. Then the wedding is on the 8th of September. Lt. Mary and I have another dress fitting on the 16th, with a lot of other stuff in between.

Oh and I have been in total baby mode. I know now is not the time to have a child but I have been dreaming about having one lately. Well actually in all my dreams I am always having multiples, sometimes 6 sometimes 4, but never just 1. I wonder what that means?? But first we need to get the job thing worked out, then a house, then Lt Mary's wedding next year then we can start trying. I think Ryan ( at times ) is even getting baby fever, though he will never fully admit it. I know and he knows that now is just not the time. Its a good thing I am a patience person. I can wait a year, maybe longer if I have too.

So we are just plugging along. Living life and having fun.
I guess that is all for now.

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