Friday, July 27, 2007

Sooooooo PROUD of my HUBBY

I am soooooooo proud of my hubby he quit his job today!!!! Well actually he gave his two week notice, but still he is out of there!!! Now some may wonder why would you be proud of your hubby quiting his job especially since he dose not have another lined up??? I will tell you why. In my mind he is a TRUE MAN for doing this. For years now I have watch him get beat up and beat down, side ways and back ways and all kinds of ways in his job, and for years he just took it. But not anymore!! He didn't sell his soul like they wanted him to, which is one reason they gave him soooo much crap. He was awesome at what he did and has the numbers to prove it!!! But it never mattered, it was never good enough. He took all there crap and just kept plugging away at his job. But over the last few years I have seen him grow old, older that what he should be, and every time he can home my heart would hurt for him. I would hear all the stories of what happened and how tried he was and when we sat down to dinner his poor hands would hurt so bad that he couldn't hold his fork and in a sad little voice he would ask me to rub then just long enough so that it didn't hurt so bad and he could eat, cuz he hasn't eaten all day cuz he didn't get a lunch, and inside my heart would just cry. He would do so much for that company and they couldn't help him out enough to give him a lunch, those bastards!! But I keep my mouth shut, at least most of the time, how dare they do this to my husband. But every time I would bring up looking for a new job he would say I didn't understand. That a man is supposed to support his family and this is just the price he pays. We've talked about a new job in the past and he would always say that he is scared, its the unknown and who knows what it might be out there, at least he knew what this job was. But now we are in the unknown and I must say IT FEELS GOOD!!! I talked to him just a bit ago and he sounded happy. For once in the 7 years that he has worked there I called him and he was Happy!!! I just want to do a little dance!! At this point I don't care what happens, I don't care if we live in a box at least we will be together and be happy about it. And better now than when we have kids, I don't care if I miss meals or eat gross food that is cheep and tasteless but when we have kids I want to give them the best we can and I think this is a start for us and for the children we don't have yet. I am so proud of him, he stood up to something that most men won't. From what I am told a man will stay in a crappy, horrible job all his life cuz he is scared of what would happen it he didn't have one, but my MAN did it, he stood up and we will be better for it!!!

Also yes I may have to get a job but it is still a may, Ryan doesn't seem too keen on me working, I think he like it better the way things are, but we will see. But if I do I will be more than happy too. Its for us, no one else we have made OUR CHOICE!! And I am proud we have, and for those of you that don't like it. TOUGH!! You are not us and we are not you so we will do what we do and you can do what you do, UNLESS you yourselves are perfect and have all the answers then that would make you God and then we shall listen to you. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
PROUD of RYAN!!!!! and so you know I am doing a "Happy Dance"

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