Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow White and Noah ( like from the Ark )

Here's how the story goes....

As most of our family and friends know we have been looking for a house, we are tired of this apartment and we want out!! So for the past few Sundays Ryan and I have been heading out on Sunday mornings, driving around, trying to find a house.

So Sunday January 13th started out like any other Sunday morning. We headed out around 9:30/10:00am to drive around the areas we are interested in. For 4hrs all we did was drove ( man that seems like a long time, but while we were driving it didn't seem that long ), anyways... we had found some open houses that started a 2pm, so were went thought a couple of them, a total waste of time, as were are driving to a third house we see a golden retriever walking on the side of the road. As we drive by I see that the cable it was tied to was broken, so I make Ryan stop and back up. I get out of the car, half hoping that it will just run away, and all I say is "come here" that's it I don't really call it, all I did was make a statement, "come here" and I only say it once. But sure enough it comes over to me. Well now what do I do?? It had no owner tag just a vet tag that we call and of course they are closed on Sundays. So I do what any normal person would do... I call my dad. :O) As he is trying to look up the number for animal control I hand the phone over to Ryan and I start knocking on doors. Of course no one has ever seen the dog before, after about 20 houses or so I knock on this door, a guys comes to the door and says that he thinks he knows who's it is. Oh and I do have to say that the whole time of me walking this dog around it was the best dog ever, never ran away, walked with me, and even sat when I said sit. Anyways.... so this creepy looking man say that he can take me to this house that he thinks the dog belongs to. Now mind you Ryan is in the car, and I am walking with this guy thought back yards and all I keep thinking is that I am going to be killed by this guy and no one will know. How long will it take for Ryan to realize that something is wrong?? So we get to this house and of course its not theirs, so we walk back and he says that he will take us to another house that has a golden but that we have to drive there. So now he is in the car with us and the dog. Now I am thinking that not only is he going to kill me but Ryan as well, and for sure no one will know. We drive to this house and sure enough its not theirs either. We take the guy back to his house and he says that he will take care of the dog and call the vets office in the morning. Then he asks us where we live. We tell him that we are just looking for houses and we don't live in the area. Then he invites us in his house and says he will draw a map of some houses that he knows are for sale. So somehow we end up in this guys house, and now I know we a for sure we will be bumped off. But instead he really does draw us a map. Which leads us to what may very well be our FIRST HOME!!!

So thank you lost doggie I hope you are in a good home now and thank you creepy man :O)

But that's not the end of this fairy tale ( for animals )

On Sunday we made an appointment to look at some house on Tuesday at 1:30pm. At 1pm as we are leaving our apartment we see this little mouse running down the stairs. I look at Ryan, he looks at me and we both look at the mouse. What do we do?? Of course we decide to save the mouse. So we start to follow it. But it is way to fast for us. After trying to catch it for a while we decide that we have to go or we will be late. But that when we get home we will look for it again and if we find it we will help it. So we go to our appointment, which lasts way longer that what we thought, and we go to my dads house after because it was his birthday. We don't get home till after 11pm. As we are walking in Ryan says that he will take the front stairs and I will take the back and see if we can find the mouse. Really all I expect to find is a dead mouse either stepped on or something else got him, but I do not expect to find him alive. As I am walking though the back stairs I hear Ryan " I found him". Can you guess where he was??? Right in front of our door. Not in the corner, smack dab in the middle between the door and our door mat. Curled up just waiting for us. Actually at fist I thought I he was dead. I was sooooo cold that day and we walked right up to him and he didn't even move. I reach down pick him up, and he was so cold. Crap he's dead. Then he moved a little, and of course pees in my hand. But that's OK he was scared and cold. So I had Ryan rip up some paper towels and we put him in a plastic storage container, I run to Meijer, get him a cage, food, water bottle, and bedding. So now we have a pet mouse. Mr. Bojangles.

So now we are known as Noah and Snow White.

And they all lived happily ever after. For now, until we rescue something else.

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