Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Cats Out Of The Bag

Well now that my dad, mom, brother, and sister know I can officially post it . ( No I'm not pregnant ) WE ARE BUILDING OUR FIRST HOUSE!!!!!

Remember that lost dog that lead us to the creepy man who told us about Laffetty Falls, well I think that dog was sent to us for a reason cuz we are now building in Laffetty Falls. The craziest part about the whole thing is that we had driven past Laffetty Falls a dozen times and never drove in because it looks too expensive. But I guess looks can be deceiving. So I should probably stop call the creepy man creepy too. I should also try and find him and tell him thanks.

So today we are going to see our CAD drawing ( blue print ) and sign off and then they will break ground. The plan is to break ground this week but if it is too rainy they will have to wait a bit. That would be one big mud puddle!!

I will post pictures later with the details of the house.


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