Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures From Our Trip To The Childrens Museum In Indy

These pics are totally random - I couldn't get them to stay in order, but that's o.k. - Ryan and I were lucky enough to be able to take a short 3 day vacation to Muncie to see Mary and Erik back in May. We had soooo much fun. These are some of the pics from our trip to the museum, I took a ton of pics but I hope this at least shows the FUN we had. Oh and in case you aren't sure No - neither Ryan and I nor Mary and Erik have any children, and Yes we are all adults Mary and Erik are 22, I'm 24 and Ryan's 30 - so I guess this proves your never too old.

Ryan getting his hair did -
this was part of one of the "sets" - It was really cool they took books and
made a "set" of one of the important parts, only problem is I can't remember what
book this was from :O(

Mary and I having tea with the three bears :O)

I love this Clock

Couch Potato??

Driving back to Muncie - we got bored

Taking a ride

Ryan found a car

Erik took it for a spin too!

Now I know how he gets his curls :O)

We did this spy mission - the boys got a little too into it so
Mary and I went on with out them the best part was they actually
thought it was real and they were really solving a case - silly boys :O)
Erik cracking a safe - Mary did it first though, I just didn't get a picture

My hubby :O)

Ryan and I

Mary and Erik

Hello Mr. Bear

This was the spy mission


Oh you are soooo sly :O)

Enough Said!!!!

Thanks for the awesome weekend guys :O) We Love you!!!

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