Wednesday, April 9, 2008

May 24th!!!!!!!

May 24th is the date ( as of today, it maybe sooner or could be a little later ) that our house will be completed!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I have to pack!!! O.k well I'm not going to start today :O) . But I can't believe it!!! We were originally told the end of May, that was when we were going to break ground in January, but when they weren't able to because the ground was too frozen they moved the dig date to February 14 and the complete date to June, but when they tried to dig on the 14th the ground was still to hard. They finally were able to break ground March 5th - ish, which put the complete day the middle to end of June. So that was what I was planning for, end of June. Now its May 24th!!!!! I'm happy and excited and a little scared all at once!!! These next few weeks, months are going to be crazy!!!!!!!!

p.s. I will post pics soooooon :O)

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