Saturday, April 26, 2008

Refridgerator, Range and Mower..Oh My

Well it looks like May 24th is still sticking as the completion date, so that's cool. Although we actually won't be able to move in till the very end of May or early June. Buts that's ok :O) we still have at ton to do. We have been looking for a refrigerator, range and mower, which is much harder to do than it sounds. We have looked just about ever where we can think of, and I do mean everywhere. We even looked in the forbidden store ( Best Buy ). Its not that we can't find anything its that we find too much, and we aren't really sure what we want. Well that is not completely true, we do know what we want in a fridge, kind of?? Its really hard to go in a store and they have like 50 different ranges or fridges and try to narrow it down to just one. We have certain things that we know we want but its not enough to really eliminate anything. For example in a range we know we what a gas range, so if there are 50 different ranges it will eliminate maybe half if you are lucky. But from there we are stuck. Do we want convection, accu bake, speed convection, or just a normal oven??? Do we want 4 or 5 burners?? And some have 2 ovens, which I think is AWESOME, but do I NEED it?? I really don't know what I need. Its just too frustrating. This is a big deal, whatever we pick will be with us for years and years. My parents have had there range for like 25yrs. I think that is the part that freaks me out the most, whatever I pick will be with me forever, or pretty close to forever. Its not like our car leases that we can just trade in if we don't like the car or just want an up grade. Plus its not like I can take the range home and try it out to see if like it. I have to go on looks and what I read about it. But I will have to pick something and I will but, I will also worry, wondering if I made the right choice. These things are a lot of money, and I really don't want to screw it up. At least we have an idea about the fridge. It has to be a side by side. We know we want the water/ice in the door and the ice bucket that is in the freezer has to be in the door, not the top shelf of the freezer, the door saves space. Other than that it is mostly bells and whistles. We did find one at Lowe's. Well I should say we narrowed it down to two, which is really good for us. There are very similar, the main different is in the shelves, but we actually haven't picked which one we want. As far as the mower, we have only just started to look. It will more than likely be a push/self propelled mower, I really don't care what it is, although I should since I will be the one doing the mowing. I think it would be really mean to make him mow the grass after being at work all day and I only work part time. Plus I like mowing.

Other than all that, we ( I ) need to really get on the packing wagon. I just don't know where to start. Everything had been really fun, up untill now. I really just want to get a bunch of boxes and just tthrow stuff in, I really don't feel like going through everything and sorting and wraping, ect... But that probabaly isn't a good idea. So I guess I need to get my butt in gear and pack, boooooooo :O(

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