Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a few pics of our house

So I said I would post some pictures so here they are in a very random sort of way.
There are only a few, i am really busy packing and such, sorry :O(
Ryan waling in the family room, I am standing in the kitchen taking the picture

Our sun room

The kitchen, all drywalled and ready for some paint

Standing in the family room, looking at the foyer

Ryan in the foyer

Ryan and I trying to be cute, this is the back of the house

The back/side of the house, it looks sooooo big :O)

The insulation my dad and I added between the laundry room and bedroom#2

it is mainly for a sound barrier, so if a kid is sleeping they

can't hear the washer or dryer

My pops is awesome!!!

My Pops adding the insulation

Me adding insulation :OP

That's all for now I will add more in the next few weeks, this week they are painting and laying the vinyl floor, then putting in the cabinets and counter tops....ect. I'm soooo excited, just 6 weeks and we will be in a house!!!

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