Sunday, May 18, 2008

Once again I have the GREATEST POPS EVER!!!

I know I brag about my dad a lot but he really is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Our house is just about completed and we have our final walk though coming up. This is the last chance we have to make sure everything is correct before we close on the house. Ryan and I originally wanted to have my pops with us to make sure that everything is good, but we came to realize that it is just too much to ask of him to take off the day for the walk through and a day off for the move. So my awesome dad spent his day with me yesterday at the house looking over everything. I just think he is the best to have done this for me. I mean for a guy who only gets 2 days off a week, I know that most people only get 2 days off, but to spend the day with me at my house when he has a ton of his own things to do . It just show how giving and unselfish he is. He's the bestest and I really appreciate everything he does for me.

I can't believe that I am almost the owner of a beautiful house!! Every thing is just about done. The carpet was laid Friday so I got to walk on it, bare foot!! I know I'm a dork but it is sooooo soft between my toes. I can't wait to live the!! The kitchen is calling my name I can hear it. I want to decide in advance what the first meal I will cook will be. I think it needs to be something special and great. I know our first meal in our house will be pizza, beer, wine coolers, soda, ect. Not a real special meal be I think it is a traditional one for the first meal in a new house. Plus our fridge and stove won't be delivered till the following morning, so its not like we have a ton of options. But I want the first meal I cook to be awesome. I will have to continue to think about that. Other than that we are just packing like mad!!! Our apartment is completely torn apart you can hardly walk though it. Well its not that bad but it ain't that great either. But we won't have to deal with it much longer. Oh and I am sooooo happy we have our movers scheduled!! I was really dreading having to move all this stuff ourselves. It would have taken forever and been a ton of trips or we would have had to rent a U-Haul or something and walking up and down 3 flights of stair a billion times just does not sound like fun to me. The movers say that it will take them about 3-4hrs to get everything out and maybe 2-3hrs to unload so we will be moved in by 4:00pm-ish!!! This is a very good thing since we only have like 2 days to move and turn in the keys to this place.

Now I have to get back to packing but here are just a few pics.

Basement - all insulated and ready to go.
Also see all the lights!! NO SCARY BASEMENT!!!

The black granite in the master bath.
It looks sooo cool!! I love it :O)

O.k that's it :O) I thought I had more but I guess not.

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