Monday, May 5, 2008

The ball is rolling

It won't be too long now and we will be in our Awesome New House!!! We are getting so excited!! Lately I have be trying to pack. It is more work than you think. We have a fair amount of boxes packed but not nearly enough. But little by little boxes are getting packed and things are being organized. I just have to keep working on it day by day.
Tonight we bought our range and refrigerator. They will be delivered the day after we close. We have decided to hire a moving company to move all the big stuff and the heavy boxes and we will get the lite things on our own. By doing this we will definitely be out of the apartment in one day!!!! I really can't believe all this is happening, it has seemed like a dream, and in a way it still does. Ryan is getting excited too. He has been sooooo goofy and happy lately, sometimes I don't think he's the same person. We keep thinking of this as a new start. We are leaving all the old crap behind and we are starting over. I really think we needed this. It has made our marriage sooo much stronger.
Also we did get our new address, I won't post it but we do have it and I all ready know it by heart!!! They put our cabinets in last week, they also have started the trim and our doors are on. They should have the counter tops in this week and maybe the lights. Its coming along quite nicely. We love it!!!!

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