Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tee Hee Hee Its All Done!!

Guess what???? Our House is officially completed!!! I'm soooooo excited!! It is sooooo beautiful!!! I can't believe I get to live there. There are only 5 little thing left to do. The humidifier water line still needs to be hooked up. One of the closet doors are missing its handle. There is a little bubble under the vinyl in the Kitchen that they are going to fix. The front has to be sodded and the back seeded. A few paint touch ups. That's it, then it is all ours!!! So needless to say I really need to finish packing!! I wish we could just move today, but it won't be much longer. I think I can wait. I think...

On another note the mittens are having the best time around here. There are sooo many boxes to explore. They are climbing and jumping and hiding. Its crazy!! I think they know something is going on but I don't think they understand . Although they both like to jump into a box and meow for us to look I think they are saying "look mom, I'm all ready, aren't you proud of me?? They are soooo silly. I love our little meow faces.

So I'm going to go back to packing. Have a great weekend all !! :O)

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