Monday, March 10, 2008

Exciting Times

So first of all this weekend my dad and I went out to the home site to measure some things. I some how got this crazy notion in my head that they poured the wrong basement for our house. Last week when I went out there I was in my work clothes and the place is SUPER muddy so I didn't get that close, plus the guys were working and I didn't want to intrude. But from where I was standing and walking it didn't look like the right basement, so Saturday I asked my dad if he would go out there with me and measure just to be sure. I know I am a girl and I can worry a bit about things I shouldn't and at this stage of the house who could tell by just looking anyways. So Saturday after we did bridesmaid dress shopping (*story later* ), my dad and I drove out there.

Now this is the thought in my head....its freezing cold outside so all the mud that I had encountered on Tuesday will all be dry and hard if not frozen , yea not so much. We get out there and the first thing that I realized as I stepped onto the lot of mud, is that mud really doesn't freeze. So starts the adventure. So my Awesome dad and I begin carefully walking towards the house, trying hard not to sink in to the mud, we finally reach where the garage and do some measuring, then we begin our "hike" to the back of the house to see the actual basement. This was the fun part. We were climbing over big mounds of dirt ( mud ) and trying to maneuver around big muddles and mud, I felt like we were little kids, it was so much fun. But at one point I almost lost a shoe, I stepped in a really muddy spot, the kind of mud that is more like quick sand than mud, it was like it just can alive and started to devour my shoe, lucky I didn't panic too much :O) and was able to pull my leg and shoe out. But it was a close one. From then on Dad led the way.

So we climb down to the back of the house and climb over the wall, and WE STOOD IN MY BASEMENT!!!! Soooo exciting!!! We measured all the wall and stuff and sure enough its the right house. Some how I think my dad new all along that it was right but I think he wanted an adventure too. We always have the bestest times together!!! So after we decided that the basement was ok ;O) We made our way back out of the basement and back to the street. I think my dads childhood days came back to him a bit because on the way out he knew right where to step and we didn't get stuck once.

After we measured the "house" he helped me figure out our property lines. He is soooo smart and good at stuff like that. They don't have the lines marked so by my dad using his awesome math skills I think we found them, or at least we are really close. So yeah, yeah, yeah!!

And my mom called me today and said that she drove by it and that they are pulling up the basement floor joists ( I think thats what you call them?? ) So tomorrow I am going out there again to take some more pics. I could just burst at the seams!!!!

In other news...... Saturday we also pick out bridesmaid dresses for Lt. Marys wedding. They are sooooooo pretty!! They will go sooooo well with her dress. God, I am sooooo happy for them. She is going to be the most beautiful bride and he will be the most hansomest groom. Their colors are pink and blue. Their theme is doves and her flowers are daisy's. Things are moving right along. Its crazy to think that in just a few months she is going to be married!!! HEHEHEHEH!!

Other than that Ryan and I are doing awesomely!! He's still working for "The City" and is loving it. He comes home in a great mood, we have fun, laugh, giggle, play with the meowfaces, eat dinner and snuggle up on the couch and fall asleep together. That is till I wake him up and we move to the "bee bed". Yes, that is his new thing, everything is "bees" with him. Bee Bye times, and sleepy bees, and Tinky bees and Bootsie Bee, and bee butt cheeks, the list goes on and on. I swear sometime he has he laughing so hard I almost pee my pants. I Love him soooooo much. We are soooooo happy and this is such an exciting time for us, I can't imagine sharing this time in my life with anyone else. God, I am soooo lucky to be married to such a wonderful, loving, caring, big hearted, goofy man. I am soooo blessed.

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