Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please Pray For Her and Her Family

It happened at the River Shores apartment complex on Bristol’s west side. A neighbor called 911 after she saw a preschooler wandering outside the apartment. That child told her the mom was hurt.

When police arrived, they found Sheena Kiska's body inside. Autopsy results conclude her death was a homicide, and the coroner described multiple wounds on her body due to sharp force trauma.

“It’s shocking,” said Branden Bradley. “You never expect something like that to happen around here."

Bradley lives in the River Shore apartment complex where police found Kiska's body.

"It was quiet and laid back,” Bradley said. “A lot of us are all friends, we know each other. It’s like one big family all around through here."

"It was a dramatic blow for the community because it’s a very peaceful neighborhood and it is Neighborhood Watch safe, and I never would have expected this to happen,” said Nicholas Daily, who lives in the complex.

Bristol police have been assisted in their investigation of the case by several agencies, including the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, the prosecutor's office, and the Indiana State Police. Bristol officers, with the help of state police technicians, went through Kiska's apartment overnight.

“I've been tending not to lock my doors but I am rethinking that situation, as of yesterday,” Daily said.

Bristol police say they have been to this apartment complex before. However, the town marshal told WSBT News this is the first time officers have been to Kiska's apartment.

** Sheena was a friend, more little Mary's than mine,but I knew her well and I would consider us friends. She was one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, polite and soft spoken. This happening is just very shocking, please pray for her children and family, and that they find whom ever did this to her, she did not deserve this. This angers me and makes me sad all at the same time. She had dreams, she was going to get married this year, she had 2 wonderful, beautiful children. She was a wonderful, caring, giving person. She will be missed by all who ever knew her. **

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