Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have to start somewhere

This is our house, so far.... actually these are just pics to start off with the house is much farther along now. I went out there again today and the roof is on, not the shingles but the wood is down and they were starting to put the vapor barrier down, and the shingles go on top of that. Its amazing all this work has been down in just two weeks!!
A pile of wood, actually its the roof trusses

the basement walls

this is looking at the front of the house

the guys is standing on the garage wall

basement walls

looking at the side of the house, you can also see the lookout part

a far away view looking at the other side

the back of the house
the lookout part

side few again

front of the house again

this also shows the forms they use to form the walls

Ryan's garage

the garage and front of the house

I have sooooo many more pics and I will post them later, I had to start somewhere. We are soooo excited!! It took a while longer to start then we thought it would but at least now it is well on its way. :O)

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