Monday, September 1, 2008

I am My Fathers Daughter

I am my fathers daughter is sooo many ways. I see it all the time. When I was a kid we had a hard time getting along but I think it was because we are so much alike. Nothing is impossible, everything can and will be fixed, and we are both very optimistic. And we both have patience of GOLD!!

Ryan and I built our first house and have been in it for 3 months now. During the building process my dad was sooo helpful in determining what to pay to have done and what we could do ourselves. My dad saved us a ton of money by doing this. We put our money into making the home big and saved money by going with the basics for flooring, counter tops, paint, things that we can change later after we have kids, and putting in our own closet shelving. One of the BIG things we decided to do our selves was the deck. They wanted way too much money for a small deck and dad and I knew we could do it bigger, better and it would still cost less. So a couple of weeks ago we decided that with summer ending we wanted to start this deck thing. We drew out the plan and have begun the work. It is taking a bit longer than we had thought it would but then again my dad and I think alike and everything we came up with was "we can totally do that", "no biggie". Well now that we have been working on the deck we have realized that it is a biggie :O) This deck is going to be Massive!!!! Its 12ft by 20ft by 28ft by 8ft, and wraps all the way around the sun room. We are even adding extra support for a hot tub. It is going to be AWESOME!!! Its even big enough that when we have kids we can lock the stairs off and it can be like a huge play pen. A child could easily ride a bike on this thing and have plenty of room. My dad is AWESOME!!! We joke all the time that we have the same disease - optimism!!! But I am totally cool with taking our time and it will be great. I am sooo excited!!! I guess God knew what he was doing when I got to be my daddy's daughter :O)

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