Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something New To Rescue

So this whole "we must rescue and help all creatures" thing has taken a turn. We now save frog. Yes frogs. Toads too. We were outside working on our deck with Pops and we see this little frog. Actually Ryan almost stepped on it!!! So he leads its, more like pushes it or guides it with a stick by poking its butt all the way from the back of our house to the pond that is like 130 feet back. Yes it is a 130 feet back we have measured it. He was soooo proud of himself for saving this frog.
A while later I went to get another board and what do I see. Yes another frog!!! So this one too gets rescued and taken to the pond. Although I picked him up, I didn't poke his butt for 130 feet. Oh but that's not the end of it. So Erik comes over and he is out helping us, looks down one of the holes we dug for the posts and what does he see. YES Another FROG. The poor little guy must of accidentally fallen down it. So Erik lays on the ground reaches down the hole and grabs the little guys and takes him to the pond.
The sad thing we realized later is that these little guys more than likely came from the pond, jumped/hopped all that way just to be taken back down there but some stupid humans that think they are helping. And I'm sure we will be rescuing them again some time soon.

I have also realized that maybe I shouldn't question God on the whole saving mice thing. Cuz there are always frog that need help too.

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