Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our New Addition Is Not Staying

Ryan and I have talked it over and after much consideration we have decided that we are going to let our new little friend go. He is getting better and we think its just the right thing to do. Mr. BoJangles situation was different - he came to us and it was the dead of winter when we rescued him so there was no way we could have let him go with out knowing for sure he wouldn't have frozen to death. But after the rain passes this week we are going to take him out to a field and let him our new friend go. I guess we could let Mr. BoJangles go to but Ryan really wants to keep him and he is fun to watch and he has been with us for a while now so he will stay. Plus we can't really have put the 2 little guys together with out knowing for sure that they both are 2 little guys. We really don't need an army of mice. Or what if they didn't like each out and one killed the other I would feel horrible. So the decision is made, our new friend well be set free. He is doing much better too. When we first brought him home he would just sit in his toilet paper tube with his little hands curled up I think cuz they hurt him so bad, but now he is moving around pretty good and I think he is feeling better. The hair on his face is even starting to grow back and it isn't red or pink anymore. He are a few pics.

Isn't he cute??

See his hands all curled up. Poor little guy :O(

This is how we found him today, he made himself a "hiding palce"

He's a sleepy little guy

This is Mr. BoJangles running in his wheel.
He is such a little mouse face.

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Ashley said...

I think there is a special place in heaven reserved for people like you and your husband who are will to help all of God creatures, even the smallest ones.