Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Am I Crazy??

I really think I am crazy!! For Christmas I have decided to make homemade gifts for all of my family, not just my mom, dad, brother, sister, and Ryan's parents... I mean my whole Family, both sides ( some cousins not included because they don't come to x-mas and I haven't seen them in years ) and in-laws included and Ryan's close friends. Is that nuts or what???

Everyone will be getting a homemade ornament that is the first letter of there last name, and home made chocolates, and I'm not talking just molded chocolates, I am making mint patties, chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter chocolate bars with a snowman on them. So I have a total of 40 ornaments to make ( if I've not forgotten anyone ) and a total of 480 chocolates!!! So far some chocolates and ornaments have already been made and given out. I had my mom's side of the family Christmas last Sunday. So I am down to about half of each left to do, and its only Wednesday!!

But that's not all I still have to wrap all our gifts and I still have 3 people to buy for. I'm nuts!!!

Ryan helps out all he can but he has been working at the new City store about 14 hrs a day, so but the time he gets home he is sleepy and hungry. But he is being the bestest hubby ever!! We sat on the couch last night watching t.v ( like I have time to watch t.v ) and he fell asleep in my arm.......he was sooooooo sweet. I finally woke him up at 11:30pm cuz I had to go to bed. I really didn't want to he looked so peaceful. Sometimes when he is sleeping I will just watch him, I think I can see what out sons will look like in his sweet face. He looks just like a little boy when he sleeps.

Speaking of sweet faces and what our sons might look like, we have been talking about children lately. I really think next year is the year we will start to try for children. We still want a house first but after we get settled I think we may start trying. I'm really excited and Ryan is too. We only worry what it will do to the mittens, we treat them like babies now so what will happen when we have a real baby. Ryan thinks Nizzy won't understand ( she is special needs kitten ) and we think Tinky will be upset since she won't be the center of attention anymore. Oh well, they will adjust.

Heres some pics of the chocolates:

Chocolate Peanutbutter Bars with snowmans
Mint Patties

Ryan lighting up our Christams Tree....I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to make my homemade Ginger people yet :O(

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