Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where have I been???

Wow has it been a long time.

The past few months have been very busy for me, and being busy is something I like. My parents are getting divorced and part of that is having to sell the house. So I have been at my dads A LOT!! I think I have been there just about every day since oh I don't know April maybe May?? And I am sooo proud of my daddy and me. The house is on the market!!!! Below is a list of things that he and I have done to the house. Now before you read the list and think ** that place must have been a dump** let me explain. We moved into this house 9yrs ago when the F-ing state took our house for the Capital Ave. bypass or whatever you call it. Then gave us like 3 months to find a house so this is what we ended up with. The house was a repo because the builders when bankrupt while building and they finished things half-ass. So there were some problems that needed to be addresses, nothing major, but it just was time consuming. Plus we moved in in a hurry so there were still boxes in the basement that we never un-packed.

The List is COMPLETED!!!

Painted: Foyer, Living room, Family room, Dinning room, Kitchen, Laundry room, 1/2 bath on 1st floor, stairwell, landing, 3 bedrooms, master bedroom, master bathroom which equals THE WHOLE HOUSE ( minus 1 bathroom upstairs, it was wall papered ) plus I patched about a million holes and such

2 rooms got new carpet

we cleaned out 3 bedrooms that used to be my brother, sisters, and mine. ( when we moved out we left a ton of crap everywhere )

cleaned the basement - I have sorted through so must junk it is not funny

cleaned the garage and plastered and taped it

redid landscaping

washed the outside of the house

painted the front pillars and front door

had a new kitchen floor laid

......ummmmm..... I can't think..... I know there is more???

anyways we did a lot, and by the way this was all done while my dad was working a full time job!!!

I think I am going to miss not being at my dad house every night and every weekend :( Him and I have really become good buddies!!

Growing up my dad and I didn't always get along. We could never have done anything like this when I was younger. But I think we have both grown up a bit and I think we are more alike than I thought. I have a really appreciation for my dad, he's that most awesome, caring, gentle,kind hearted man I know, and have ever know. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! HE's SANTA CLAUSE!!!!! and a cute puppy all rolled into one.

My dad has been there so many times when I need someone and had no one else to turn to. We've laughed together ( a lot ) and we've cried together. We talked about the good times and the bad time and as hard as it is to say I get my taste of music from him, and my love for Prairie Home Companion.

I think we are who we are for a reason and the people we know are placed in our lives for a reason. And I know that I'm my daddy's daughter for a reason. The things we have been through together, I don't know any other Father that would do so much for their grown daughter as my dad has done for me. He really is my best friend!!! And on more that one occasion he has been my angle. I'll never forget the thing my daddy has done for me and the things he has taught me.

But now that the house is done I have free time on my hands. YEAH RIGHT!!! I am so behind in other things its not even funny. OK well I guess I'm not that far behind. Lets see Halloween was Oct. 31st and I just now tonight took down my Halloween decorations. So that would put me about 6 weeks behind. Not that bad. I do have to give props to my hubby he has been a peach since I have been so busy. So thing have been getting down, but I think now its time for a woman to take over and really get the jobs done :O) No offense to men but sometimes women just do things better :O) Plus I still have x-mas to get ready for. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh well I like it busy, it helps pass the time.

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