Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Do Update:

So now that Friday is over ( ok it was over an hour ago but who's counting ) I thought I would update my list just to keep me on track.

To Do By Monday 24th at 4pm:

3 gifts to buy DONE!!!

wrapping paper PURCHASED!!! AND I GOT BOWS TOO :O)

wrap allllllllll gifts 3 DONE ABOUT 50?? MORE TO DO :O(

make the following letter ornaments
6 - H's
3 - W's
1 - O
1 - M
2 - D's
1 - J
2 - L's
5 - candy cane shaped
Total = 21 ( holy crap!!! )

make chocolates
90 snowman peanut butter chocolate bars
90 mint patties
180 covered pretzels

finish knitting my moms b-day gift ( her b-day was the 1st and I'm still not done :O( )

knit the other "special" thing for a "special" person

get glasses adjusted DONE

find out what I need to bring for x-mas breakfast DONE

make the cookies for my pops and Ryan's dad I GOT ALL THE STUFF TO MAKE THEM TODAY, DOES THAT COUNT??

( I think I am missing something??? ) I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM MISSING :O(

***OK, so not to bad....but I still have a long way to go.....I think I will start tomorrow with "craft time" and get the ornaments done and knitting, well at least my mom's knitting done and them move on to the chocolates in the evening......sounds like a plan and when I get board of what I am doing I will wrap a gift or two..... Or maybe I will have Ryan wrap :O) ( we will see ) Now all I have to do is execute this plan....**sigh***

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