Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Do:

I needed to put my To Do List some place "safe", some place I won't loose it, like I have with the other 9 list I have created and lost. So what better place than my blog :O)

To Do By Monday 24th at 4pm:

3 gifts to buy

wrapping paper

wrap allllllllll gifts

make the following letter ornaments
6 - H's
3 - W's
1 - O
1 - M
2 - D's
1 - J
2 - L's
5 - candy cane shaped
Total = 21 ( holy crap!!! )

make chocolates
90 snowman peanut butter chocolate bars
90 mint patties
180 covered pretzels

finish knitting my moms b-day gift ( her b-day was the 1st and I'm still not done :O( )

knit the other "special" thing for a "special" person

get glasses adjusted

find out what I need to bring for x-mas breakfast

make the cookies for my pops and Ryan's dad

( I think I am missing something??? )

well for now that is the list - can you say CRAZY!!!! I think I may run out of time.....or I may be staying up all night tomorrow and Saturday. At least the next few days will go by fast and I do like being busy. Its a good thing I made and delivered the chocolates to my work today, so I have that done. YEAH!!!!!

I am confident that I will get it all done in time, I've never missed a deadline yet :O)

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