Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And Now We Rest

I got it alllll done - well all but the knitting :O( And now I am soooo tired. Here is the break down:

On Sunday the 24th I made the rest of the cookies, went to the bank for Ryan, wrapped gifts, my friend Robin stopped by so I could give her her chocolates and we visited for a bit, I took a hour nap, wrapped more gifts, ironed Ryan's shirt ( even though I had asked him the NIGHT BEFORE for him to pick out his clothes in case I needed to iron it because I wasn't going to have time last minute ), took a shower, got dressed and was all ready to go by ten till 7pm. Not Bad :O)

We left the house at 6:50pm for mass at the log chapel with my moms side of the family, from there we went to Ryan's parents house to celebrate Christmas with them. It was a good time, but we didn't leave till almost 2AM!!!! We needed to be up by 7:30 am Christmas Day :O(

Christmas day we got up, got dressed, packed the car and went to Joe and Marys house for our family Christmas. We had breakfast there and opened our gifts. The Boys all got a remote control thing, Erik and Joe got helicopters and Ryan got a car. It was sooooooo funny at one point all the boys were outside playing with their toys without jackets on!!!! It was all sun shiny and warm ( for December ) I think it was at least 40 degrees. Reminded me more of Easter than Christmas. After that we stopped by my Grandpa and Grandma Hektor's graves and I gave them the ornament I made for them, then we went to Uncle Dan's for the Hektor's Christmas. This is the place we get the CHEESY POTATOES!!!!! We all wait all year for the Cheesy Potatoes!!! Plus we love the Hektors, they are the bestest people ever!!! Ryan and I stayed till 7 I think??? But the time we got home we were soooooooooo tired we couldn't even think straight. In fact it took everything I had not to fall asleep in the car on the way home, I wanted to stay awake and keep Ryan company.

So we get home, clean up a bit, give the Meowfaces their gifts, and we both crash on the couch watching CSI. We would both doze off for a bit, wake up eat a couple cookies and fall back asleep. We also decided its not the 12 DAYS of Christmas, its the 12 POUNDS of Christmas!!! We ended up crawling in to bed around midnight.

Ryan had to be up at 6:30 this morning, worked a 14hr day, came home and went right to bed. I on the other hand worked this morning, came home took a short nap, cleaned the kitchen, did 2 loads of dished, put away 3 loads of laundry, there is still a load in the dryer to put :O( but it is off to bed for me.

Oh and just in case you wanted to know I typed this whole thing with a rotten meowface ( tinky ) on my lap curled up inside my sweat shirt. She decided it was bug mommy time and DEMAND to be petted. I can't help it she is a sweetie :O) I love my moewfaces

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