Monday, December 24, 2007

SOOOOOOOO Sleepie!!!!

So its 1:45 am and I am just now done baking the sugar free cookies - I AM SOOOOOOOO TIRED!!! This is the update of my to do list: The Blue is the most currant update

To Do By Monday 24th at 4pm:

3 gifts to buy DONE!!!

wrapping paper PURCHASED!!! AND I GOT BOWS TOO :O)

wrap allllllllll gifts 3 DONE ABOUT 50?? MORE TO DO :O( I Wrapped 3 more tonight still have lots to do :O(

make the following letter ornaments ALL ARE DONE!!!!!!!
6 - H's
3 - W's
1 - O
1 - M
2 - D's
1 - J
2 - L's
5 - candy cane shaped
Total = 21 ( holy crap!!! ) DONE, DONE, DONE

90 snowman peanut butter chocolate bars
90 mint patties
180 covered pretzels

finish knitting my moms b-day gift ( her b-day was the 1st and I'm still not done :O( ) NOT SURE IF I AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET THIS DONE - I FELL REALLY BAD ABOUT IT TOO!!!

knit the other "special" thing for a "special" person THIS PROBABLY WONT HAPPEN EITHER :O(

get glasses adjusted DONE

find out what I need to bring for x-mas breakfast DONE

make the cookies for my pops and Ryan's dad I GOT ALL THE STUFF TO MAKE THEM TODAY, DOES THAT COUNT??

( I think I am missing something??? ) I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM MISSING :O(

I did figure out what I am missing!!! I need to get Pantie Hoes :O(


Nismo is sick so I need to see if I can get her into the Vet tomorrow I think she has an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection her eye is soooooo red and teary I feel so bad for her :O(


I have to go to the bank for Ryan tomorrow

and I still have to wrap the rest of the gifts and bake regular cookies UGH!!! I am soooo sleepy!!! But I think I am going to call it a night for now. My apartment is a disaster, things are all over the place and my poor little sick Meowface wants me to hold her. Which I will cuz I'm a softy. So for me it is off to the couch to hold my baby Mitten till she falls asleep then its off to bed for me.

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