Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Weekend!!!

Well it all started out on Friday night. I went to get Mr. Bojangles cage out of the bookshelf and put in on our Entertainment shelf, so he could be "part of the family" and so the Meow-faces could watch him. So I grab the cage and I notice Mr. Bojangles wasn't in his normal spot. So I put the cage on the shelf and started to look all over the cage for him, and of course by this time Ryan is asking "whats going on".
"Oh, just looking for Mr. Jangles"
"what do you mean, looking for him??"
"Well he's not in his normal spot and I'm looking for him"
So Ryan starts looking for him, after moving around everything in his cage including all the bedding, we came to realize "oh crap he's not in there" :O( This did not make Ryan happy.
So what do I do......Call my all knowing DAD!!! After talking to him for a bit we came to the conclusion that we have NO idea how he got out!! That the Meow-faces had no clue that he even had gotten out, and that we weren't even sure how long he had been out cuz the last time we took him out of the bookshelf was Wednesday, we think, it could have been Tuesday. So now what??

Well we didn't want the Meow-faces to get him so I packed them up and took them to my Dad's, he's such a good Grandpaws :O) Oh and by this time its 10:30-11:00 at night :O( I ran to Meijer hopping to find some No Kill mouse traps, which they didn't have. Neither did Walmart.
So I get home, and try to talk to Ryan, but he was really, really mad. So he just went to bed. I tried looking for the little mouse face, but couldn't find him.

Saturday I got up early with Ryan and went to Lowes. Which does have No Kill mouse traps. I am not about to kill this little mouse, he is ( was ) my buddy. Plus I hate killing things ( except spiders ). The no kill traps are actually really cool. Can't really explain it, The mouse runs in the tube looking thing and his weight causes a door thing to close so he can't get out. Anyways, so I set up these trap and begin to clean like mad. My thought is that if there are no crumbs to eat then he will be forced to run in the tube to get the peanut butter.

So all day I'm hoping that A: I will Find him hiding somewhere, or B: I will turn around to find a trap that is sprung. Neither happened. I cleaned all day and looked everywhere. My dad even came over to help look. But no luck. Plus while I was doing my "mad" clean I burned my hand, got cleaner in my eye, and I took a pretty big chunk out of my big toe which really hurt and bleed. :O( Finally Ryan got home around 10:30pm, he wasn't in such a bad mood by them, plus I made him meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner which I think helped. I make an AWESOME meatloaf!!! So we decide that if we don't catch him by the morning we will get out of the house as soon as we can in the morning. Hoping that if the house is quite then he will come out,and get caught. We eat our Awesome dinner and went to bed.

Ryan got up early, much earlier then I was hoping he would cuz I still wanted to sleep. All of a sudden I hear " I think we got him". I jump out of bed and Ryan hands me a trap that was sprung. But it was soooooo light I couldn't tell if he was in there or not. We even tried comparing it to another trap, but it was so hard to tell. So now what?? I'm not going to just open it in case he is in there, plus if he is what are we going to do with him?? So I leave the decision up to Ryan. Its his choice. So what does he decide?? He wants to keep him!!! What the crap, he got made cuz he got out and now he wants to keep him. So we talk about it. Come to find out he wasn't made that he got out but that the Meow-faces could have gotten sick and that we had to put them through some stress by having to take them to my dad's. He is a little over protective of our girls, I keep saying that he treats them like babies. I wonder what he is going to be like with real babies??
So o.k, we will keep Mr. Bojangles. Since we still had no clue how he got out of his cage we decide to clean it up and take it back and see if we can get a different cage. So we put him back in his 1st cage, the one he started to try to chew through, which is why we got him a different cage. Crazy mouse face.

So now we have the Meow-faces back, which they are happy about. At my dads all Tinky did was hide. He couldn't find her. But once she heard Ryan's ( daddy's ) voice, she came right out. She loves her daddy. And now Mr. Bojangles has yet another new cage. This one is a 5.5 gallon glass aquarium, with a metal screen lid so he can't chew thought it. And we got him a little toy Jeep for him to play/hide in. So hopefully he won't give us any more problems. Although, he is a smart little shit and has discovered that he can roll his toilet paper tube over to his water bottle, climb on top of the tube and jump up and grab on to the water bottle, climb up it and then he can grab on to the metal screen and hang from it, and crawl around the screen. Grrrrrrr. Just be a good little mouse face, won't you :O)

Some of you might think we are crazy for keeping this little guy, and thats o.k but I'm not heartless and I am not about to let him go in this weather its like 30 below outside and its not like he has a place to go out there, he wouldn't even be able to dig himself a house cuz the ground is soooooo cold, and frozen. Maybe in the spring we will let him go. Just not now we don't want to give him a death sentence.

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