Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not So Hehehehehehehehehe

Well we had the meeting with our building mananger today. It doesn't look like they will break ground tomorrow after all. As we were going over the plans one finial time we noticed that where they were placing the house on the lot was not going to work. They forget to account for the fact that next year we are adding a 3rd stall on for Ryan. With the way they had the house we would not have been able to add it. So now they have to re-draw the print and re-stake the lot. Also today when he when out to check the land he discoverd that the ground was much more frozen then he thought. So tomorrow he will re-stake it and re-check the ground and if it has warmed up some they will break ground tomorrow, if the ground is still to frozen he will keep checking back everday, till there is a good day. He said that it will more than likely be dug by the 18th at the latest. So its not bad news just not heheheheheheh news. Also he did a time line for us and it looks like the house won't be done till June not May like we had thought. But once again that is o.k. A: it gives us more time to save our pennies. B: we have more time to clean out some of our junk. C: we have a better chance that the weather will be nice. There is a small chance that the house will be done in May, but it is small. Although I have a thought that I may be able to help the deal out by baking some cookie, brownies, cake, ect..... But no matter what we are still SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

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