Friday, February 15, 2008

Pictures of Our Lot

These are some pictures of our lot :O)
Can't really see much other than snow but I promise that
our house will be on this piece of land....

The thought is that where my car is parked is
kind of in front of where our garage may be??

This would be looking at the right side of our house
See the stick the is sticking up, we think that is where our house is going to be,


Oh well, just look at the pick and imagine a house, somewhere??

***These pics where taken today 2/15/08, they started to dig yesterday :O) ***

There is dirt turned up on the right side of this photo, this is where our house will be

More turned up dirt on the left this time
I think this is the far right side of our property. looking toward the left side

All the turned up dirt is where our house will be!!!!!

Can you see it now :O)
I CAN!!!!

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