Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Bestest Days Ever Miss Mary

These past few days my sister Mary and I got to go on a trip together. We had soooooo much fun!! She had a teachers conference in Hastings, MI, so I took a few days off of work and went with her. The drive wasn't bad , a couple hours and we had fun talking to the lady in the GSP. The hotel she picked was in Shelbyville, and it was AWESOME!!! We went swimming every day in the heated pool, and played a game with the beach ball. She is sooooooo a kindergarten teacher, she kept trying to come up with new games we could play. She cracks me up!!! We got to eat out, actually we only ate out once the other days we got food and brought it back to the room to eat. I taught her how to knit. OMG!!! She picked it up wwwwaaaaaayyyyy faster than I did. I was very impressed!! We got to hang out and talk and just had a real fun time. It was also cool cuz Mary went to these conferences every day and she would come back and tell me all this stuff about children and how their brains work and stuff its sooooooo interesting. I'm soooooooooo proud of her, I could never be able to do learn all the stuff that she knows. Her brain is just sooo packed full of knowledge, I don't know where she stores it all, maybe in her big toe :O) She is such a cutie. I'm so proud of her. But now the trip is over and we are back in the real world. :O( Maybe some day we can take a trip together again. I love my little Mary :O)

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