Saturday, February 23, 2008


O.k so I am not exactly mad but I am definitely not jumping for joy. Because of the cold weather they still have not dug our basement yet. I got an e-mail from Tony, our construction manager, telling me that the ground is still to frozen, and that they have tried a few times now but the digging machine just can't break through the ground. Grrrrrr, its just very frustrating. Now that we know we are going to have a house we are getting a little impatient. I've been out there a few times and you can tell that they have started to dig, but it looks like they just can't get past the top couple of layers of ground. With it being so cold the frost penetrated much deeper into the ground then they thought. I guess the most frustrating part is that this just pushes everything back. As it is at first the house was going to be done late May, then they told us early June, then mid June, if this stupid weather keeps up the house won't be don't till July!! On one hand I feel like I shouldn't be upset, I mean at least we will have a house, a house that is built for us, and not many people have that, and I feel very blessed and I am grateful to be able to have this house, but on the other hand we have wanted a house for 2yrs now, our apartment is sooooo full we can't put one more thing in here, I hate my kitchen, I can't wait to start packing, and this is the next step in our lives and I feel like it is just being put on hold again. I'm good at being patient, I really am, but right now I am feeling frustrated which makes me feel like I am being ungrateful. So its time to take a deep breath and go back to being patient. I am very grateful for having an Awesome husband, the greatest little meow faces ever, the apartment I live in and the house we will have. And someday we will have it, even if it takes a little longer than planned. Looking on the bright side we are able to save more money this way. ** I feel better now :O) **

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