Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Baskets for some old People

So for a long time now I have had something pulling at my heart saying "give the old people some happiness" so a few weeks ago I quit ignoring it and decided to make 100 little Easter baskets for the nursing home my Grandma ( my dad's mom ) was in. So I made my plan - the baskets would include an Easter egg , the plastic kind, with some jelly beans and 2 small chocolate eggs in it, a toy, and a cute little bunny - not a chocolate bunny or a toy bunny but one that I made out of a little puff ball, googly eyes, a little pink nose and pink ears. I called the place to make sure it was o.k to do this , and set to work. With the help of my cousin Michelle and her daughter Melissa, we were able to get all the bunnies made and about half of the baskets done in about 5hrs on Sunday afternoon. I did the rest myself here at home. Not a big deal. So today I was all excited, I was going to cheer up some old people. But..... when I got to the nursing home the lady at the desk was soooooooo rude. It was like it was almost an inconvenience that I made all these baskets. I must say I was a little hurt but the way she acted. I would think they would be excited that someone would donate to their nursing home but instead it was more like she wish I hadn't. Oh well.... I just hope she actually gives the baskets to the people.


Michelle said...

Oh, Mo, I am so sorry the reaction wasn't what you had hoped for. Hopefully she did give the baskets to the old people, and they brought smiles to their faces. We had fun helping. You know you can count on me whenever you have an idea, short notice or not.
Much love to ya cuz.

Ellie said...

People should read this.