Friday, April 27, 2007

Funny Things Friday

I am declaring today FUNNY THINGS FRIDAY!!!

Cuz everything is funny to me toady!!! And I'm in a really good mood :O) ( it maybe due to the 3 cups of coffee I've had this morning in a very short time frame, but who care I'm in a good mood)

The things that have cracked me up today....

Laundry - It cracks me up how much laundry we have, mostly Ryan has :O) I swear he has more laundry than any two people I know :oP which makes me think maybe I don't have enough?? Is there a laundry law?? How much should you have?? I change my clothes everyday, I don't wear dirty stuff, well maybe pants cuz I see no use in just wearing them once, unless you get something on them, and its not like I wear the clothes I wore all day to bed, mostly I wear very little to bed (too much info??). I'm just saying how can he have soooooo much. I just got it all done and put away and today there is like 4 more loads to do. Yes he did just come back from Florida but how on earth did it go from NO laundry to 4 loads??? I think it the laundry monster, he puts his dirty clothes in with ours, I wash them and put them away then he comes and takes them out of the drawer and leaves his dirty clothes - hey monsters have to have cleans clothes too.
You know what else cracks me up about laundry or maybe I should say clothes - pockets :O)
Pants pockets to be exact. I'm standing there putting a load of laundry in the washer and I'm checking every single pocket I come across. Where did this obsession come from??? I never payed attention to this habit of mine before but its kind of amusing. I always start with the left front pockets, then side pockets, back pockets, then move to the right leg. Am I nuts??? What the heck am I looking for crayons?? We don't have kids and Ryan doesn't color. And you want to know whats worse?? I wear CARGO PANTS!!!!! They have like 50 pockets per leg, and heaven forbid if I miss one I have to start over. So maybe I'm nuts but I find this obsession very funny.

Dancing in the kitchen - I hope to God I'm not being watched!!! I'm so hyper today so while I'm cleaning the kitchen I decided to dance. OMG, the things you do when you think no one is watching. Now I know you know what I am taking about. :OP Its not like I'm the only one who still remembers "the running man" or the "MC Hammer dance", or Vanilla Ice's moves. Good thing Ryan was at work or he probably would have me committed. But what the heck it would have been worth it. :O) And I'll do it again!! :oP

Tinky - she is cracking me up today - she keeps walking around talking about something. I think it must be very important cuz she won't stop and she keeps following me around. I know its not about her food cuz she has a half bowl, and she has water and I just scooped her litter box last night, which are the things she tells me about the most. But today there is something very important going on and I don't think she will stop till I find out whats up. Only problem is I don't speak Kitten. The funny thing is that I am talking back to her. Which makes me think what does she think?? Can she understand me?? Actually I think she is talking about Ryan. She has been upset this week cuz he hasn't been home so I think she's bitching about how he came home last night and had to go to work this morning and he didn't give her any "Tinky Times". Yes my hubby and our kitten have there own special time together. LOL - we are dorks with no kids, what else did you expect?? If was funny last night when he came home she was giving him the "evil eye" she was not a happy kitten. If she could of crossed her arm and taped her foot one the floor I think she would have. She even hissed at him for no reason. She wasn't in a hissing mood and she only did it once - she just turned hissed and walked away. She is a little Cracker Jack.

There's more things that happened to make today FUNNY THINGS FRIDAY but I'm tried of trying for now cuz typing isn't funny and its kind of bring me down. I think I'm going to go dance some more. HAVE A FUN DAY!!!!

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