Monday, April 16, 2007


HeHeHe..... OK so if you know the Hektors we are tree hugging, camping lovin, bird watching, save the little critters people. At least a good part of us are. And those who know me well know that I love the little critters - except spiders - well I think I can now officially say I am a true offspring of the Hektors - I have 2 bird houses up on our balcony!!! - and I actually watch the birds!!!! I think my Grandma Mary is smiling down on me. She was always all about the birds and thanks to my daddy he has continued to teach me the Hektor way. I only wish I could have a bird feeder - but the apartment complex wont let you have bird feeders cuz we have so many geese. ( OK I hate geese ) - hummm I wonder it I could get a feeder that you put the bricks of bird feed in??? I will have to look in to that. Anyways - I am so excited we have birdies!!!!!!!!! Tinky and Nizzy love them too!!
Its kind of funny we got the bird houses originally for our ( ha, I say our as if we own them - we don't they just like our balcony ) 2 Morning Doves ( THEY ARE NOT PIGEON'S ), so they could build their nest in it and we could watch them and their babies, and we put up a smaller bird house for these other two birdies - sorry I don't know what kind they are :O( so they would have a house too. So we have one small bird house for the small birdies and one bigger bird house for the Morning Doves. But the small birdies have taken over the Morning Doves bigger house and I don't know what to do??? In a way its kind of fun to watch them fight over the bigger house cuz the little bird are much smarter than the Doves - the little birds tag team to keep the Doves out. But I feel sad cuz now where are the Doves going to live?? The even sadder thing is that I am actually worried about this. But what would you do?? I don't want the Doves to be homeless and I love the sound they make, maybe I'll see if I can find an even bigger house for the Doves and maybe by this time the little birds will have moved into the other house and be too tired to move again. Well that is only if birds think like humans. I think I am thinking about this way too much - but I guess that's what you get being my dads offspring - humm maybe I'll enlist him to him me, with 2 over thinkers we are bound to come up with something. ( I Love You Daddy ) Well at least I'm proud of the choice to have bird houses, I just never thought it would cause me to think about them this much. Oh well I LOVE ME SOME BIRDIES :O)

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