Saturday, April 14, 2007

Made it through the week

Ok - I made it through the week and what a week it was. I haven't posted all week so I will catch up real quick.
So Monday I got the news about Cody. Thank you to all of those who prayed for Ian and the Hektors. So as if Monday didn't start out bad enough, when I went to the shop that the Hektors own to see if I could help out they got a phone call that another one of our relatives pasted away Sunday night. Bill Stalker - now I didn't know him that well, I could pick him out in a crowd and make small talk with him but I don't know how I am related to him. He pasted away in his sleep. He was part of the Camp Millhouse group, those of you who don't know about Camp Millhouse, Camp Millhouse is a retreat for children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities. Its a really awesome place. Anyways so the week just started out bad - and all week has just been bad. Cody was cremated - which was his wish - so the funeral was ummm different to say the least. Not the traditional Hektor way which was odd. But we went to the "viewing" on Thursday night and the "funeral" Friday morning and then Thanks to Michelle - and I'm proud to say I'm her understudy - she always knows what to do - had an awesome polish buffet Lunch/Dinner for all the Hektors at Honkers. It was really nice to spend sometime with the Family and its funny to say but I'm not scared of them any more - well maybe a little but not like I used to be. :O) Ryan even had a good time talking to Aunt Tela and Uncle Dan. I must say the Hektors are really awesome people, considering what happened in December, they don't hold a grudge or anything they are happy to see that Ryan and I have worked things out and have stayed together and the really awesome thing that - and once again A BIG THANKS TO MICHELLE and AUNT TELA and UNCLE DAN - they let Ryan know that everybody is human and who are they to judge anybody or their actions. They don't make us feel out of place for our decisions, or make Ryan feel unwanted. Its kind of sad how much grief we have gotten for working things out- I must say I am proud to be a Hektor, they are all real people.

So with all that said the week ended better than it started. I'm just cleaning house today. Trying to get things done. But I still can't help but to ask to still keep Ian in your prayers. He's having a tough time, along with the rest of the Hektors.

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