Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Parable

I was cleaning today and came across this parable and I wanted to share it.......

The Story of Martin the sheep thief is a parable from long ago and far away. Martin was a young man with a reputation for being wild and undisciplined. When he was caught stealing sheep,the local farmers decided his punishment would be branding.

The letters S - T for "sheep thief" were burned on his forehead. The villagers shunned the branded thief but Martin was determined to make amends for his crime.

If there was a sickness, the sheep thief came to care for the ill with soup and a soft touch. If there was work to be done, he lent a hand.

Many years later, a traveler asked the village innkeeper about the old man with the brand on his forehead and what the letters S - T stood for.

The innkeeper said he didn't know, it happened so long ago. Pausing to reflect on the letters he continued "I think they stand for saint."

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Michelle said...

You are too kind, Mo. I don't know what to do all the time, but I try. You know where we get this from. Thank her in your prayers when you get a chance.

Love to ya,