Saturday, April 7, 2007

Feeling Very Greatful

Last night while I was laying in bed I started thinking about how good life is, and how many little things there are that I think some times I take for granted. Like last night my poor husband was soooo tired - he's been working a ton of hour cuz 2 of his guys were fired, and only gets 1 day off a week which was Sunday and here it was Friday night and he is still being a sweetheart, a sleepy sweetheart but still he being sweet. Anyways he comes home after another what 12 hour day and he walks in the door and the first thing he does is gives me a hug and kiss. His hands full- he doesn't put his stuff down first and then come back nope, I get the first thing. Something about that I just really love. But the funny thing is as I'm laying in bed thinking - He does that just about every day when he comes home - why am I now just realizing it?? Which made me think more - just what else am I not paying attention to. We have been though ALOT - but no matter how bad it has gotten we have always pulled though - we've learned from our mistakes and have come out better in the end. But to have what I have with him - I'd do it all again!!! Just to be able to have the little moments together. Like how we eat dinner on the sofa every night in front of the t.v. - and some might not think that is that special but to me it is cuz we always will watch either the food network or CSI and he will always ask me questions about whats going on - I love that about him, or how when we are done eating I'll always try and collect the plates and such to bring to the kitchen and he always says " I can get it " or " let me help" and I always say " its ok, I got it " then he tries to argue with but by this time I'm already headed to the kitchen and he does his brow wrinkle thing. It might not mean much to some but to me it means a lot - he doesn't expect me to always do everything - he wants to help. Or like when he comes home after his long day and if I'm still making dinner he will always ask to help, and even if there is nothing for him to do he will lean against the wall and talk to me about his day or about the mittens. There are just so many fun things he does, and it makes my life just that much better. Oh and how he lets me snuggle up against him at night when its cold. How many people would let you put your ice cold feet and body next to their warm body?? And the newest thing my hubby does is every morning at 7:30 or a few minutes before he always pulls me close to him and holds me for the first few minutes of his day - we both know he has to get up but even if its just for 3 minutes he will hold me. So I guess Sweetie - THIS BLOGS FOR YOU - Thank you for all the little things you do - even if I don't notice them all the time Thank you - keep up the Good Work - You are an Awesome Hubby, and I'm sooooooo Happy to be your wife - my life is soooo much more better with you in it. And hang in there baby - 2 weeks till you go to Florida and then 2 days after you get back we go an VACATION - a much needed and deserved one :O)

Oh and to everyone else - thanks for "listening" to me rant and rave about my husband :O)

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