Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pictures From Easter :O)

With every thing that has been going on lately I totally forgot to post our
Easter this year was so fun - we went to Lt. Marys and Erik's
apartment in Muncie to celebrate the holiday and to also celebrate
Erik's Baptism, and Confirmation into the Catholic Church
We are SO SO SO SO SO proud of Erik!!!
Although we couldn't be there for Erik's event we were able to drive down
Sunday morning and spend the day with the Family and have an Awesome Easter dinner that
Lt. Mary and Erik and Mom made for the family.
We had so much fun - here's some of the pics ( in random order )

The Family outside at the complex

Soon to be Sister In Laws

They didn't have a wine bottle opener so Dad used a knife :O)

Me pass out our Easter Gifts - this year we decided to
have every couple plant some flowers together in pots - I thought it
was different and cool- plus we also gave then toys and candy :O)

After everyone left ( mom, dad, Joe and Swiental )
Lt. Mary and I took a nap with the mittens while Ryan and Erik
played video games

Ryan and Erik playing with Erik's HUGH remote controlled car.

Everyone got a kite - so while the boys played with the car
the girls flew their princess kites :O)

Lt. Mary and I with our kite

Boost made an appearance

The 3 of us - I can't believe we are the same 3 kids who used to
spend the summers swimming and camping in the back yard together -
those were the day :O)

OK - so I guess we do look alike -
Awww my Little Sister, what a cutie :O)

The Group

The Girls

The Boys

All of us gathered around to eat.
This will be an Easter I will never forget :O)

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