Saturday, July 14, 2007

From Wednesday to Today

Well, well, well............... lets see what has happened since my dinner planning Wednesday.

Wednesdays dinner was flipping AWESOME!!!! Stuffed Green Peppers!!!! YUM, YUM!!! They were so filling - I made 4 thinking that Ryan would more than likely eat 2 and I would eat one and then have one for lunch the next day. Well it didn't exactly work that way. They were sooooo good and soooo filling. Ryan had one and I couldn't even finish mine. We were sooooo full. So we had the left over two for lunch the next day. Oh and Ryan absolutely loved them. And I was able to make them even healthier by using ground turkey instead of ground beef and you couldn't even tell. So YEAH!!!

Thursday, well Thursday didn't exactly go as planned. Ryan asked me late Wednesday night if I could make 2 large sheet cakes for his work on Friday cuz its one of his guys last day. They normally just so to Sam's Club or something and just get a huge sheet cake with black frosting and Ryan says it doesn't taste so good. I guess he's spoiled by my baking :O) and since the guy that is moving is our friend he wanted something a little more special. And of course I said yes. And so started a crazy Thursday. I got up early and went and worked out, came home showered and they went out and got all the things I would need for the cake and homemade frosting. And since we live in an apartment I had to bake the caked early and let them cool cuz whenever we use our oven it makes our apartment warm, and it can't be warm when you ice a cake cuz the icing will just melt right off. So I quickly baked the 2 large sheet cakes, one at a time of course cuz I couldn't fit two pans in at once. Then we had to go to our appointment, after that I had to stop by my friend Mary's Mom's apartment since we are planning Mary's bridal shower and go over a few things, then I had to run over to see my mom so I could use her stand mixer to make all the frosting cuz I don't have a stand mixer and using my hand mixer would have taken forever. Which making the icing already did take forever since I needed 6lbs of it. If you have never seen 6lbs of icing let me tell you its A LOT OF ICING. By the time we were done making the icing it was already pushing 9 and I hadn't even started dinner yet so we decided that on my way home I would just stop by Little Ceasers and pick up a 5$ pizza. No biggie. So I stopped and ran in to get the pizza and that's when it happened........ I get hit on by Eminem and his side kick. No Joke!!! Let me tell you I was not impressed. Especially by the fact the his side kick who was driving the car was ( and I pretty sure about this ) drunk!! Unless he always slurs his words and pronounces beautifulest as beau-tal-mul-est. LOL- need less to say I got my pizza and got out of there, making sure they didn't follow me. I got home we had our pizza and I proceeded to ice the cakes till about 1 in the morning. But they looked really really good and from what the guys said they were really really good and Ryan said that everyone loved them. I post pictures later.

I hate to end this short but Ryan is home and he just asked me to play Nintendo with him. Yes the ORIGINAL Nintendo. Yes we have one, yes it still works, yes we play it and no you can not have it. We are dorks and this is one reason why. So got to go..... I'll be back later to finish.

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