Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Its Finally Done!!

I just got a call from Ryan and our Porsche is finally done. Its only been at the shop for like a month. I can't even begin to think how long it would have taken if Ryan wasn't a mechanic. He did most of the repairs himself but there were a few things that he just couldn't do - mainly because we don't own a lift and other big equipment that cost a ton of money. But its done and now I can drive it. Well first I have to learn how cuz its a stick - which I can drive but not well, so first I have to get really good at driving a stick but then I'm going out. Who wants to join me???

Now the only problem is getting two cars home from Michigan - which I think we have figured out. He's going to take the Porsche to his parents in Michigan (that's where we store it anyways), I'll pick him up from his parents and then tomorrow I will take him to his other car in Michigan. He just doesn't feel like driving back and forth like a billion times. But YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! OUR CAR IS DONE!!!!

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